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Sintesi dell'editore

George S. Patton was a general who achieved greatness in his field by contradicting his own nature. A cavalryman steeped in romantic military tradition, he nevertheless pulled a reluctant American military into the most advanced realms of highly mobile armored warfare. An autocratic snob, Patton created unparalleled rapport and loyalty with the lowliest private in his command. An outspoken racist, he led the only racially integrated U.S. military unit in World War II. A profoundly insecure individual, he made his Third Army the most self-confident and consistently victorious fighting force in the European theater. An exuberantly profane man, he prayed daily and believed God had destined him for military greatness.

Alan Axelrod delivers a fascinating account of Patton's fascinating life and legacy.

This book is one of a series on great generals.

©2006 Alan Axelrod; (P)2006 Blackstone Audiobooks

"Axelrod has captured Patton's checkered legacy in a balanced biography." (Publishers Weekly)

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  • Chris Reich
  • 23 01 2009

Odd Reading, Great Book

I've had this book for a long time but couldn't get the time to read to read it. I was pleased to find the audio version.

I really liked this book because it gives a lot of interesting detail but not too much. I read Truman and really don't like biographies that start out 4 generations before the main character is born. This book is very well balanced in detail and treatment of Patton.

The reader has a very odd, sometimes very annoying inflection. You have to really listen because sentences are oddly joined by the reader.

Highly recommend but I'll watch for this reader in the future.

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  • Bret
  • 23 05 2010

History and a Hit Piece

At times the book seemed to serve the purpose to tell the story of Patton, and at others it seemed to have more of a purpose to undermine Patton and his character and find fault his tactics and approach to situations. I did enjoy the historical aspects, but it seemed as though the author was out to subtly discredit the man.

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  • Paul Glitsch
  • 14 06 2010

skims the surface

This is a good book if you're looking for a brief synopsis of Patton's life. I found the book a bit hollow and would have liked a more in-depth account of his life and military campaigns.

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  • Ron
  • 13 10 2009

Not too detailed and not too superficial

I recnetly purchased a book on Patton. It was boring due to the author's desire to include every "new" detail ferreted out from correspondence, etc. This book provides a well paced narrative. I loved it. Ron

3 su 3 utenti hanno ritenuto utile questa recensione

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  • Cooper3000
  • 19 11 2010

Great narration and story

The author does a wonderful job of telling the tale of Patton, which is read wonderfully by the narrator. An objective look at one of the US's most brilliant generals.

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  • 02 01 2015

Great Book!

Thanks, Mr. Axelrod. Patton still lives, teaches and figths through your words.

This is a great book for both the unitiated who is somewhat curious about the General and those who want to learn more about him than what can be readily obtained by searching the Internet.

Great narration, too.

A great experience, this audiobook.

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  • Storia
  • Boots
  • 09 06 2014

The Generals "General"

Any additional comments?

Having been an admirer of Gen. Patton since the first time I saw the movie starring George C Scott in 1972. I was in the military at the time in this figure of leadership and impressed me to the point that over the decades I have looked for and read many things about this man. The author of this book puts all the facts, stories, and the legend into an easy reading and listening format. I can only look back on my career and wish that I had been born in a day when many of the trials and tribulations that Patton pursued and established were done with reckless abandon and adventurism. An example would be the excursion with Gen. Pershing in the Mexico, shooting bandits and strapping them into the hood of some of the first automobile that had been developed, to then parade them back to Columbus New Mexico like dear strapped to the hood of a pickup truck during hunting season. This reckless abandon carry-on the rest of his career and life, and we're thankful of his leadership no matter how reckless was there to stem the tide of World War II for the Allies. The sequel to Patton, the movie was entitled The Last Days of Patton this movie also starred George C Scott, however sad it will give you a good insight into those last days after he had been injured. It's amazing to me that Gen. Eisenhower did not come to see Gen. Patton when everybody knew he was dying in the hospital in Europe.

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  • Charles
  • 28 03 2016

This was one RIGHT General!~!

Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why?

This Biography is right on the money. General Patton had to be the best Soldier the U.S.Army ever saw....

  • Totali
  • Rex
  • 14 04 2010

Patton (unabridged)

He really was a piece of work. However, as with all those who believe with all their being, it is not difficult to admire their tenacity and unbending commitment to what they believe in so passionately. Patton's life was extraordinary though perhaps a bit over embellished.

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  • Paul
  • 18 07 2011

A bit plodding and mundane

At West Point he had "no real friends". This statement along with many others goes unexplored.

A bio of facts and dates - No more.

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