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Sintesi dell'editore

Is there life beyond the grave? Is it reasonable to believe in the afterlife? If so, how should we act on those beliefs?

Best-selling author Dinesh D'Souza undertakes an unprecedented voyage of intellectual discovery to reveal the truth about life, death and beyond. Unlike many books about the afterlife, Life After Death makes no appeal to religious faith, divine revelation, or sacred texts. Drawing on some of the most powerful theories and trends in physics, evolutionary biology, science, philosophy, and psychology, D'Souza shows why the atheist critique of immortality is irrational - and draws the striking conclusion that it is reasonable to believe in life after death.

He concludes by showing how life after death can give depth and significance to this life, a path to happiness, and reason for hope.

©2009 Dinesh D'Souza; (P)2009 Blackstone Audio, Inc.

"Writing not only for the religious believer but also for the honest seeker, Dinesh D'Souza displays a sophisticated understanding of religion, philosophy, history, and science in making a convincing case for life after death." (Deepak Chopra)

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  • Darrell
  • 08 12 2009

My Favorite of the Year

Don't wait until you are on your deathbed to read this terrific book. It will be too late. You won't feel up to reading anything. In this work, the author argues persuasively that science and philosophy actually support the premise of life after death - in contrast to common belief. This book is an entertaining, thought-provoking, eye-opening, and thorough exploration of a topic long thought the sole domain of religion. You'll learn much about things you've only superficially encountered before and will find yourself richly rewarded. The narration is excellent. There's nothing dull or stuffy about this book, and you'll find yourself racing to finish. Highly recommended for all listeners.

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  • Anna-Marie
  • 02 02 2010

eye opener

This is a great book I strongly recomend it to anyone who has an intrest in the afterlife, and if you enjoy this book you will also enjoy 'what dreams may come' by Richard Matheson as it hits the same topic and in my opinion they go hand in hand.

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  • Wes Norton
  • 04 06 2016

Life After Death is REAL

I found this book to be very interesting and informative. Dinesh D'Souza presents a very technical and concise story of the evidence to support our Christian beliefs.

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  • Henry Fitzgibbon
  • 30 05 2016

Beautiful Book

I am going to read this about 10 more times. Clear logic, well reasoned points, powerful delivery.

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  • Jerald
  • 27 04 2012

I converted from stradling the fence to a believer

Would you consider the audio edition of Life after Death to be better than the print version?

For me it is, I can work it in while driving or working out. The retention is not as good as reading.

What did you like best about this story?

the various examples of believers and non believers

If you were to make a film of this book, what would be the tag line be?

crossing through doubt

Any additional comments?

Dinesh must be very bright, certainly can communicate clearly and does not display predjudice

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  • Todd
  • 12 10 2010

Not too bad

There are some really good points made by the author that i had never though of. I got a little lost where it gets very cerebral but seems to look at the whole subject in many aspects, scientific, religious and theology. There was some very deep thought into this.

4 su 5 utenti hanno ritenuto utile questa recensione

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  • SamanthaG
  • 07 09 2010

Very well presented and enlightening

This seemed to be a fair-minded consideration of the scientific, religious and philosophical notions of the existence of an afterlife. The writer is a Christian (I am, too) and I was afraid that there would be more of a proselytizing slant on the discussion. That didn't appear until the very end of the book when his conclusion was that you don't have anything to lose, but everything to gain by accepting the belief in an afterlife, but that you must decide. Not sure I buy that since I don't think you can just "decide" to believe or not believe in something.

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  • Amy W. Boucher
  • 08 09 2010

Not evidence, but argument

D'Souza claims to present "evidence" for life after death but almost nothing in this book could be considered evidence, apart from a few interesting forays into science. The bulk of the book is an attack on atheism. I was aware that the book would have a Christian bias but was not prepared for the relentless attacks on the currently in vogue atheists. D'Souza considers that once he has argued his position, the result of the argument is "proof." I found the arguments (or proofs) specious and sophistic. Don't waste your time or money.

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  • Tyler
  • 25 06 2010

Proof logic favors a creator!

Dinesh D'Souza does an excellent job explaining why an afterlife and a creator as described in the bible are not only possible based on science but probable. It is amazing how atheists have hijacked science and reason, when they stack their entire arguments on scraps of faith much smaller than believers. Any honest person who reads D'Souza's work must ask the question; "why don't we teach intelligent design in high school?" A true scientist has an open mind to all possibilities until factual evidence is presented to support a Theory. Read this book and his other book "What's So Great about Christianity". You will discover that proof of a Godless universe, or a survival of the fittest evolution does not exist.

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  • Palmer
  • 15 11 2017

Very Good read

The material is very good. However the reader should have an understanding of physics.
Writer is knowledgable and explains the subject matter well and in great depth. Another excellent book by the author.

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  • margaret mccarthy
  • 31 01 2016

Left me thinking

Interesting and thought provoking. Balanced different views and opinions with up to date scientific knowledge. Will be reading more around this subject