Mobilizing the Life Force

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A Mind-Body Pioneer Reveals How Your Mind Energizes the Healing Process

On Mobilizing the Life Force, medical researcher and best-selling author Dr. Lawrence LeShan presents a powerful case for the mind's essential role in helping the body overcome cancer and other serious illnesses. Drawing from a lifetime of research that helped redefine our understanding of mind-body medicine, he shows how the mind can take direct psychological action in concert with medical treatment, to make the crucial difference in "jump-starting" a compromised immune system. In this three-hour talk, Dr. LeShan shares the history of mind-body therapy, methods for creating powerful enthusiasm in seriously ill people, strategies for harnessing the life force to fight cancer, and much more. Illuminated with many examples from Dr. LeShan's decades years of work with the terminally ill, Mobilizing the Life Force is a hope-giving program for health care professionals, patients, or those who want to support a loved one on the road to recovery.

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