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Twenty of the world's greatest novelists live again! The authors take you on a magic carpet to the homes of these titans of literature, and you not only become their intimate friend but you acquire an even greater appreciation of their masterpieces. As the authors say in their introduction:

"In telling the story of each of the novelists included in this book, it has been our purpose to depict not only the outer man, as seen through the facts of his life, but also the inner man, as seen through the thoughts of his mind. And it has been our delight to discover that every great novelist, when viewed from this double angle, is himself the hero of a great novel."

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    4 out of 5 stars
  • Jurgen
  • 10/05/2003

Colorful and fascinating!

Listening to these biographical sketches was like strolling through an exhibition of well loved impressionists. Even if you know well the novelists covered, you may get a new vivid and pleasing impressionistic glimpse of them.

While listening, I continued to wonder who was coming next. I was not deceived by the selection and even figured out some coherent progression as to their geographical whereabouts beyond the fundamental chronology of the presentation.

I didn't choose this audio book to learn any hard facts I didn't know before and spend an excellent time listening.

My only general regret is that files don't allow you to jump directly to the beginning of a given chapter (as you might do in a printed version) and this audio books doesn't even give any overview or index of the chapters (and novelists) it contains.

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