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In a period of 21 years, Susanna Wesley (1669-1742) bore 19 children. Ten survived infancy. Two grew up to be influential church leaders whose legacies live on almost three centuries later.

This is the story of one of Church history's most revered women, the godly mother of John and Charles Wesley. This biography recounts the story of a woman who used her strong leadership and faith to raise well educated and spiritually disciplined children. Her unwavering devotion to God and family in the face of grief, poverty, and a sometimes difficult marriage is a tremendous inspiration.

©1998 Kathy McReynolds; (P)2003 Blackstone Audiobooks

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  • Tina
  • 13 12 2014


Any additional comments?

I am not sure when or why I put this book in my library. I think I viewed it to be a period book of life in the early 1700s. I am not Methodist and I don't generally read historical accounts of religious figures. So aside from me scratching my head as to why I bought this book I really liked the strong matriarch in this family tale. A recent funeral really impressed upon me how much a strong motherly figure plays into keeping families tied together in harmony. Susanna Wesley is such a woman.

The period during which this book takes place is so different than today in how many people had nursemaids in the home, staff and certainly how many trials people went through. Listening to how one nurse took a newborn to bed with her, then rolled over on the baby was a good modern times reminder that babies have their own beds. But I wonder how our society would react going from our very low infant death rate to what Susanna lived with as sad but normal. I think our society is too upset by minor things and we over-react when the mail/package is not delivered in two days or less. Yet Susanna really endured much more than we have been trained to endure. We are wimps compared to what life was like just 300 years ago. We whine too much. Susanna was a fantastic woman who had her head on straight.

This book was inspiring. Bravo!

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  • Kidtruth
  • 27 11 2016

Inspiring and moving!

Through this book I am inspired to follow Christ in the same way that Susanna did! I, too, am a stay-at-home/homeschooling mom with the same desire to give to my children all that Susanna did for hers, especially pertaining to the welfare of their souls. With this reading, I've found a sister in Christ with a kindred spirit to mine and a mentor that gives me an example to strive after! And thanks to the audio version, I was able to take it all in while nursing a baby, folding laundry, and doing dishes! What a devotional read (or listen) this audiobook was. Also, the reader did a great job.

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  • Catalina Gazcon
  • 19 06 2016

Woman of Faith!

Such an amazing godly example of a woman of faith! I am a working mother of four and this is by far a must read for mom's looking to get some godly advice an example on what a mother should be teaching her kids! What a blessing form God!! Praise the Lord!!

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  • M. Suzanne Doctor
  • 31 03 2017

Factually supported by original documents.

I appreciated the accuracy of Susanna Wesley's biography as it was almost wholly comprised of her letters, writings, and first-hand accounts of her life experiences.