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"A positive attitude give you power over your circumstances instead of your circumstances having power over you." (Joyce Meyer)

Each thought that you have has the power to change your life. Often, we tend to become our own worst enemy with the negative thoughts we think each day. It's time to break out of this destructive cycle and is keeping us from our true potential.

Throughout this bundle you will learn the basics of positive resolutions. You will learn what things that make your think less of yourself. It will show how with a winning mindset you can conquer all problems. 

In addition, you will see how self-care can enhance your positive outlook. Also, it will show how to develop a support system that will become your number one cheerleader. By using the "Here and Now" mentality it will break down the obstacles that are preventing you from being happy. It will offer affirmations on how you can stay on course. And show the many benefits of positive resolution.

This three-in-one bundle series includes the following audiobooks: 

  1. Motivation Manifesto: Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Perspective, and Turn Your Life Around
  2. Motivation: The Ultimate Guide to Stop Doubting Yourself and Unleash Your Passion and Perseverance
  3. Posture: Learn How to Have a Power Posture that Will Help You Achieve Your Goals in Life

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