• The Great Reset Pt 2.
    51 min
  • Book Of Acts.
    Sep 21 2023
    41 min
  • The Great Reset.
    47 min
  • Hungry For The Glory.
    41 min
  • God Is Serious About The Church.
    41 min
  • I’ve Turned This Situation Around
    Aug 3 2023

    Many times we go through things for a season but just when we think we cannot take anymore God turns the situation around.

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    49 min
  • Acts Chapter 8
    Jul 28 2023

    An angel, the Holy Spirit. a lost man and a man full of faith all come together and the result is a life changed forever that sees lives changed as well.

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    36 min
  • What It Means To Be A True Believer Pt.1
    Jul 22 2023

    Sometimes we get in a church routine, and we forget what it really means to be a believer in the Lord Jesus today we get a refresher course.

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    20 min