Renewing Catholicism: Explore the 2,000 Year History of Christian Reform

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From the age of the apostles to Vatican II, the Catholic Church has evolved and invigorated itself. Now, you can take a riveting journey through Church renewal and reform.

When we first encounter the words reform and renewal in talking about the Catholic Church, we might think of Vatican II and the idea of aggiornamento - "updating". But the history of reform is nearly as old as the Church itself; indeed, one of the constants in Church history is change. As you move through the millennia in this riveting course, you will discover new insights into how the Church has revitalized itself while remaining rooted in unchanging truths. Thoughtful Christians will explore the importance of balancing the past and the future, revolution and evolution, and innovation and tradition.

After an overview of the study of reform and renewal, you will see how these elements developed in the early Church, where the first monastic communities emphasized personal reform. You will then explore the Middle Ages, looking at such events as the Carolingian Renaissance, the Gregorian Revolution, the Church councils, the flowering of learning and spirituality in the 12th century, and the emergence of a variety of religious orders. You will then encounter Martin Luther, the various Protestant reforms, and the Council of Trent. Finally, you will look carefully at Vatican II, examining its importance for modern-day reform. Gain brilliant insights into the history of Church renewal in this essential course.

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