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Sintesi dell'editore

The Sharers of Shora are a nation of women on a distant moon in the far future. They are pacifists, they are highly advanced in biological sciences, and they reproduce by parthenogenesis - because there are no males. Conflict erupts when a militaristic neighboring civilization decides to develop their ocean world and sends in an army.

A groundbreaking work both of feminist science fiction and of world-building hard science fiction, A Door into Ocean is the novel that made Joan Slonczewski's reputation as an important science-fiction writer.

©1986 Joan Slonczewski; (P)2008 Blackstone Audio, Inc.

"[A] dreamy, poetic book...very much in the spirit of Dune or Le Guin's works. It's tough to build a world, particularly if you try to get the science correct. Author Slonczewski accomplishes that difficult feat and manages a gripping plot into the bargain. Maybe LeGuin has competition." (San Francisco Examiner)

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  • Suzanna
  • 21 07 2013

Complex World-building Sci-Fi

This was a very interesting book, reminding me of some of Sherri Tepper's works. This book outlines a conflict between a patriarchal military culture and a water world populated by women whose technology is biologically based. The book moves slowly, but as I kept listening I was drawn into the story of how these two cultures interact.

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  • Jim "The Impatient"
  • 05 09 2013

Only Lesser Races produce Males

I got this cause it was a water world and because it is a prequel to Brain Plague. I did not realize it was a feminist book. Before you get all emotional on me, that is exactly what it says in most summaries of the book. There are even insects who gossip. Had I know it was a feminist book, I might have still bought it. Had I had read the reviews and know it moves slower then molasses, I would not have.

This is a water world without men. They are pacifists and blame men for war and the ruin of most planets. They live in a commune, where money is worthless. If anybody wants or needs something they will just give it to them. They run around naked, but they don't have sex. They do not drink liquor. Shaving themselves seems to be there biggest joy.


Joan is a biology teacher in college and she does come up with an interesting world. The prose is excellent, it is good writing, word wise. The story is just not good enough to hold my attention for 18 hours. It reads kind of like a romance novel without the romance. Everybody wanted to know how everybody else feels about this that and the other thing. Some women may like this a lot. Women seem to want to know how you feel and men want to know what you think. I am not passing judgement on which is better just making an observation.

The narrator is very laid back. She reminded me of Saturday Night Live, when they spoof NPR. This mostly likely represents the mood of the book as it is written.

A good water world book with lots of crazy biology and lots more action would be Skinner, by Neal Asher.

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  • Elisabeth Carey
  • 21 06 2017

A compelling story well-told

This is a book that, in my opinion, does not show its age. It could have been published last week,

Two inhabited moons with very different cultures are part of a larger galactic empire, and increasing contact with the empire is causing its own strains. The more industrialized, military-inclined culture of Valendon wants to exploit the resources of Shora, a world virtually without land.

The Shorans have different ideas.

The are peaceful, cooperative, and communal. They are also all female. The reasons for this and its significance become clear as the story progresses, and it's the source of much of the conflict in the story.

Shora isn't the simplistic paradise it may appear on the surface. The Shorans, who call themselves Sharers, are doing a lot more than is visible at a casual glance, and two gender-determined cultures are anything but. The storyline of the young man, Sinel, rejects the whole idea that the traits the Sharers value might be gender-determined rather than cultural.

This isn't a fast-paced action story. It's thoughtful, deliberate, and fascinating. with characters who are interesting, complex, and unfolded with skill. The world-building is indirect yet convincing.

Highly recommended.

I bought this audiobook.

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  • Ciana
  • 06 12 2011

I felt like I was in Shora

What did you love best about A Door into Ocean?

The vivid writing brought me right through

What about Rosalyn Landor’s performance did you like?

The narrator did an amazing job conveying the peaceful feeling of Shora and the peaceful beliefs of the sharers.

Any additional comments?

I gave the story 4 out of 5 stars only because there was all this build up to a climax that was not very climactic.

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  • Robin
  • 15 04 2009

Might be a better read than listen

Readers voice is so hypnotic and emotionally flat that it is hard to follow the story. She has a beautiful voice but she needs to use it better. I can't stay awake.

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  • Giovanni
  • 30 01 2009

Hard to listen

Premise: English is not my mother language. Normally I much enjoy audio-books and quality of audible, but in this case, I find very difficult to listen to the story, I do not find suspence and the will to listen it further. When I am driving, I have to switch off, since the story has a dangerous sleeping effect. The book may be wonderful but personally I will not listen the audio-book until the end (4-5 hours are more than enough to show good will :-) ).

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