Caring for Your Newborn: Secrets from an Expert Pediatrician

Letto da: Dennis Kuo
Durata: 4 ore e 44 min
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If you are a new or expectant parent, you have likely heard a chorus of competing advice. Grounded in a firm scientific and medical basis, Dr. Dennis Kuo (MD, University of Pennsylvania) breaks down the essentials of your baby’s needs and growth. An award-winning third-generation pediatrician who has worked at Johns Hopkins and the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, he expertly walks you through the steps for giving your newborn the best care possible. 

Starting with the newborn nursery in the hospital and moving to immunizations and childcare, Dr. Kuo guides you through the essential events in the first year of your infant’s life. In 12 25-minute talks, you will learn proven methods for providing proper nutrition and understanding your infant’s language, behaviors, and abilities. Throughout this audio guide for new parents, Dr. Kuo interweaves his experience as a father and a pediatrician to bring you the best information about what you can expect from your child’s development. With Dr. Kuo’s advice, you will help your child thrive not only in infancy but also throughout many years to come.

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