Paragons Series

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Awakened Sintesi dell'editore

When dark portals open, paragons will awaken.

Israel and Erin are strangers who wake up in a dark subbasement with no memory of how they got there. As they work together to escape, they encounter the clandestine Sentry Group and are thrust into a hidden subculture of monsters, secret societies, and carefully concealed history.

The truth of human history isn't the only surprise waiting for them, though, as the power hidden deep within their DNA suddenly manifests.

A man cursed with a monstrous hunger.

A woman who can bend space and time.

As a cult devoted to the Dark Old Ones plots to unleash their hellish masters upon the planet, will Israel and Erin stand against the coming darkness or stand back and let humanity fend for itself?

Awakened: Paragons, Book One is a dark fantasy with a sci-fi thriller twist. If you like real characters in unreal situations then you love C. Steven Manley's Paragons Trilogy. Get a copy now and find out what it means to be Awakened!

©2019 C. Steven Manley (P)2019 Spoken Realms
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