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Jesus was a figure thoroughly grounded in the religious traditions of Judaism, and his Jewish context illuminates his mission and ministry. Two millennia after the death of Jesus of Nazareth, the story of his life and teachings continues to compel scholars and the faithful alike to seek more information about him as a person - living in a particular place at a particular time. 

Under the guidance of award-winning historian David Zachariah Flanagin (PhD, University of Chicago), you will consider the fascinating body of research that definitively places Jesus within the world of first-century Palestine. As you survey the methods and assumptions underlying the quest to discover one of the Western world’s most enigmatic figures, you’ll gain a rich perspective on the insights and uncertainties surrounding the question of who Jesus was. The Historical Jesus in His Jewish Context is part of a larger audio course titled The Historical Jesus. We invite you to explore the other segments of this course.

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