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Sintesi dell'editore

The Bible remains the best-selling book of all time, believed by nearly two billion Christians and Jews to be divinely inspired. But in this hard-hitting new book, author Robert J. Hutchinson proposes that it is actually much more than this. The ideas enshrined in the Bible, he says, triggered a revolution in human thought and established the moral and philosophical foundation for Western civilization, from the recognition of basic human rights and belief in limited government to authentic feminism and the development of empirical science. He explains that it is more a "culture-war" book than a work of religious apologetics.
©2007 Robert J. Hutchinson; (P)2007 Blackstone Audio Inc.

"A dynamite demolition of the biblical 'experts' who tell us the holy book is untrustworthy and immoral to boot." (Robert Spencer, author of Religion of Peace: Why Christianity Is and Islam Isn't)
"Robert Hutchinson is a great reporter and a great defender of Holy Scripture. Hutchinson has mounted an urgent, necessary, and sprightly defense." (Robert Moynihan, Ph.D., medieval studies, Yale)

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  • Jonathan
  • 30 01 2008


Although this book just skims the surface of a variety of topics ranging from science to slavery, it provides a good springboard for further study. This book deals head on with many arguments made against the Bible regarding it's accuracy and morality. It especially provides key contexts for Biblical mandates in the Old Testament as well as the prevailing culture of civilizations during the Old and New Testaments. A good listen overall.

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  • A. Jackson
  • 13 02 2008

Not good

This is a fairly typical Christian apologist tome. It's starts off with some "shocking" statements I presume designed to titillate believers, but quickly falls into "...and history confirms X, therefore the Bible is true". It grows tiresome pretty quickly, although I made it better than half way before putting it down in boredom and annoyance. Spend your time checking out a much more interesting and objective book by Neil de Grasse Tyson -- The Sky Is Not the Limit: Adventures of an Urban Astrophysicist -- as he illuminates the wonders of our world, you will not be able to put it down. Veritas Omnia Vincit.

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  • Amazon Customer
  • 25 07 2016

Not PC but more than likely true

Great answer to PC critics. I enjoyed the pointing out that the famous contemporary critics of God and Christ are not scientists - generally not more than commentators. This book is a good companion to Lee Strobel's book " A Case for Christ".

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  • Hii Kii
  • 01 02 2010

The Incorrect Guide to the United States

I can't you how much I would love to get my credit back for both the book and the time I spent listening to it! It's not "Politically" incorrect, it's just someone's plain old Incorrect Fantasy! You will not learn anything about the bible from this book.

I didn't know if I should gasp in horror thinking that there might be someone that believes this stuff, or laugh at the insanity of it.
This book contains no "guide to the bible" in any way, shape or form. It's more of a mash-up using the philosophers (perhaps gathered from the names of characters from the TV show Lost like John Locke), bizarre writings on US founding fathers, and somehow coming to the conclusion that this has anything to do with the bible.

If you are under the delusion that the United States is the god's special magical country, you might like this book. I sure like it here! But I don't think it was foretold in the Old or New Testament.

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  • Kurt
  • 26 06 2008

Is there a rating less than one star?

Horrid, terrible, rancid, execrable, garbage. I should have known from the title, and I should have listened to a sample, but I was in a hurry and made a dreadful mistake. It's sad to think that I have in any way subsidized the author and publisher of this sorry excuse for a book. Calling the writing and reading of this book "adolescent" gives a bad name to teenagers everywhere.

Seriously, as I have sought to enhance my understanding of theology and the Bible, I have read voraciously. This book appears to have little to do with the Bible (I stopped listening during the 2nd chapter), plays fast and loose with historical facts, cherry picks quotations from both the Bible and secular sources to prove the author's points, utilizes mocking tones in reading quotations with which the author disagrees, and generally seems to be about venting spleen. It succeeds in producing far more heat than light, and I feel it was a complete waste of my time.

I hope to warn others against making the same mistake.

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  • John-Paul
  • 04 01 2009

Hateful and Misleading

This was a very disappointing book to say the least. The author utilizes deceptive statements and unfounded accusations to fuel his hatemonger agenda.

To be fair, there were a few interesting points to be made. But these were unfortunately few and not elaborate.

I feel its vital to have an understanding of both sides of a debate, especially something as critical the tension between religion and science. But this book has no place in this debate due divisive nature and distortion of reason.

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  • jim alfino
  • 07 12 2015

Just another religious wacko

There's nothing politically incorrect about this book .
How can I get my money back, I spoke to God today and he told me Robert J is full of crap.

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  • Tim
  • 07 04 2015

Contrived babble

Would you try another book written by Robert J. Hutchinson or narrated by Tom Weiner?


What could Robert J. Hutchinson have done to make this a more enjoyable book for you?

Cut out all the misinformation, back up claims with actual facts, cut out petty personal smears on other people with different opinions,

Would you be willing to try another one of Tom Weiner’s performances?

His pretend voices were irritating but on the whole OK

What character would you cut from The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Bible?


Any additional comments?

Opinions are all very well, as are assertions but unless they're backed up with fact and constructed in valid logic they don't carry any weight. The "I know because I know because I know because I know" approach isn't very intelligent