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George Washington's Military Genius

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George Washington’s military strategy has been called bumbling at worst and brilliant at best. So which is it? Was George Washington a strategic genius or just lucky? So asks Dave R. Palmer in George Washington’s Military Genius. An updated edition of Palmer’s earlier work, The Way of the FoxGeorge Washington’s Military Genius breaks down the American Revolution into four phases and analyzes Washington’s strategy during each.

“The British did not have to lose; the patriots did not have to triumph,” writes Palmer as he proves, beyond a doubt, that Washington’s continuously changing military tactics were deliberate, strategic responses to the various phases of the war and not the result of his lacking a plan of action.

Confronting the critics who say Washington’s battlefield success and ultimate victories were a function of luck, George Washington’s Military Genius proves once and for all that Washington deserves the title of America’s preeminent strategist.

©2012 Dave R. Palmer (P)2012 Blackstone Audio, Inc.

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