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Setting Life Goals with Your Teen

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When it comes to the evolution of your teenagers, where exactly do you fit into their big picture? From the dawn of time, parents have been coping with the yoyo effect of their teenagers needing them one moment and pushing them away the next. As each generation has been inspired with new ideas, new insights, and new technologies, the gap keeps getting a little wider. The wisdom of the elder generation is sometimes seen as irrelevant by the younger generationat least until they reach about 30. If you've got a teen you may be seeing this very same yoyo effect unfold in your daily life. But there is one key factor that can make all the difference in raising a wellgrounded teenager. That difference is goal setting. In this program, you will discover practical parenting strategies used by successful parents of high achievers, athletes, celebrities, and leaders. You can begin using these parenting techniques today, even if your communications with your teenager have been strained and you're not sure how to begin. Certified life coach Liv Montgomery guides you through proven methods to help you make a positive change in the life of your teen and set your young adult up for an exceptionally successful life.

  • Learn how to determine ageappropriate goals for your teen
  • Uncover the secret to helping your teen achieve excellence
  • Learn a step-by-step strategy for and reaching that big dream starting today
  • Refine your parenting skills and connect with your teen at a deeper level

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