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Fortified with common sense and Biblical wisdom, Trumbull's straightforward guide has established its place as a classic work in the field of child rearing. Written over 100 years ago, it is completely free of modernist influence. After all, Freud had not yet developed his theories of the subconscious; Pavlov and Skinner had not yet introduced to educators their animal-training techniques known as behaviorism; Dewey's Religious (i.e. Secular) Humanism had not overtaken the public schools; and Dr. Benjamin Spock had not published his dangerous book on child training.

Home schooling gurus Bill and Mary Pride write: "Each of these short chapters amazed us with its depth of practical insights: Why the Bible says we must train our children's will, not break them. Why scolding is always wrong-and what to do instead. How to train your child to be courteous, to deny himself, and not to pester. How to choose proper amusements and companions. How to nourish your child's faith. How to get willing obedience and respect from your children. This book will give you a whole new perspective on your joy as a parent-and a lot more hope!"

Public Domain (P)2000 Blackstone Audio, Inc.

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  • Veronica Lira
  • 24 02 2017


I recommend this book to anyone and everyone that at one time or another will have interaction with a child. Each stage of a child's development is significant and this book truly equips a person with the necessary tools for successfully investing and bringing up a child. The book does a wonderful job balancing training with individual freedom. I'd give this book 10 stars if possible.

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  • Joanna
  • 08 09 2016

enjoyed this read very much!

great read. wonderful suggestions from author. narrator very interesting to the ear. like going back in time. the authors wisdom transcends time.

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  • BluCat15
  • 20 03 2016

Pretty good, helpful hints, not quite so Biblical

I chose this book because books like Shepherding a Child's Heart or What the Bible Says About Parenting are not available through Amazon Audible and I really wanted some help in thinking about raising children. This book would be a very bad book if written today now that our culture is so psychologized and has such a heavy focus on self-ism and self-esteem. Thankfully this book was written before the 1900s and has therefore dodged a major bullet. It really lacks a lot of scriptural references which would be helpful since so much of Scripture does talk about working with your children. However, it does make a lot of proverbial wisdom commonsense recommendations. Often these days when a book lacks scriptural support and speaks on 'wisdom' it rarely comes from biblical base of proverbial wisdom but rather a common worldly and secular thinking based on psychology. So this book does give a lot of good, timeless, and helpful thoughts and strategies and ideas for raising your child properly. I am a public school teacher, Sunday school teacher, children's church server, and I train and coach young athletes. With two young children of my own and a wealth of experience many of the things stated in this book seemed common sense to me. However, that is only because I have experienced that God is put into my life. But of course there were enough suggestions where light bulbs went off like, "That's a great idea, why have I not been doing that?" Therefore, if you have similar experiences you may find the book a bit long given its simple recommendations. I believe the concepts of this book might be better taken by somebody else and written as an article where each point is given a paragraph or two to explain why the suggestion fits. This book has a chapter for each suggestion and it does go on for quite a while. However, I am still reviewing it well because any tips or strategies that are not worldly and secular that can help you raise your children in a more biblical and loving home are always welcomed and appreciated. Also, I realize that many people may not feel the same way that I do because many people may not have quite the experience of working with kids and trying out different strategies that I have. The two books that I mentioned at the beginning would be better resources if you're only going to choose one or two books. However, for what Amazon Audible offers this is not a book that you should easily pass over. It does offer a lot of good simple strategies that we should be doing with our children but sadly we don't because our culture has changed and it is not common place. In this sense, it is very good that we can turn back to an older book to refer to strategies that worked for Christian parents back before the culture changed so much. As with all audiobooks I do voice recognition software notes by pausing the book throughout and collecting my thoughts by speaking. I have about 17 to 18 pages of bulleted notes from this book that I plan on going back to at some point and periodically checking to make sure that I am doing all that I am learning to be the best and most godly father that I can be to our two children. In that sense it has much to offer and I recommend it.

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  • Mommaof7
  • 17 06 2015

This is EXACTLY what I was looking for!!!

As many have said before, this book is packed with biblical wisdom. I wish I had learned these principles when my older children were much younger. Every Christian parent should have this book!