• Find Out Who's Normal and Who's Not

  • The Proven System to Quickly Assess Anyone's Emotional Stability
  • Di: David Lieberman
  • Letto da: Sean Pratt
  • Durata: 5 ore e 3 min
  • Versione integrale
  • Data di pubblicazione: 12 02 2010
  • Lingua: Inglese
  • Editore: Gildan Media, LLC
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Sintesi dell'editore

Do you have to worry about your co-worker, nanny, neighbor, or date? If you’re concerned about a new relationship, or even an old one, you will no longer need to rely on instincts, hunches, or horoscopes. Even when interaction is limited to mere observation or a brief exchange, whether you’re at a bar, restaurant, park, or even in an elevator, you can discover how to assess the general emotional stability of a person in just minutes.

The legendary leader in human behavior, Dr. David J. Lieberman, shows you how to protect yourself and your loved ones - emotionally, financially, and physically - from unstable individuals who will inevitably pass through your life.

He has personally trained the military, FBI, and mental-health professionals around the world on how to eliminate the guess-work and learn in person, online, or even over the phone virtually fool-proof tactics to find out if a person is normal, neurotic, or something far more dangerous.

If you’ve ever wondered... How close is she to snapping? Is she troubled or just plain moody? How will he come through for me in a crisis? Is she a danger to herself or to others? Is he going to turn violent? Can I trust her with my kids? Is he unstable or just a bit eccentric? Is my date a genuine and honest person? Is he just difficult or is he really disturbed? ...then this is the book for you.

©2010 David Lieberman (P)2010 Gildan Media Corp

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  • Ahmie
  • 01 10 2010

"Find Out Who's Mainstream American" not Normal

This book can be useful if you're not a white, middle-class Christian heterosexual male born before about 1965 who does not suffer from mental or physical illnesses who has at least a bachelor's degree and want to understand how someone coming from that position of power & privileged might perceive you (be forewarned: especially if they've been reading/listening to this book, they are likely to see you as "emotionally unhealthy"). If you DO fit all or most of the eight characteristics listed above, be careful how you use this book to judge the "health" of those who do not match it. This book is NOT one to facilitate cross-cultural/cross-hierarchy interactions. The reader-is-one-of-"us" and "we" are studying the possibly unhealthy "them" to judge their worthiness does not readily invite the reader/listener to examine how s/he might be exhibiting unhealthy behaviors, and this could make matters much worse with certain personalities who take a superior attitude when they "see" that others are "emotionally unhealthy", pointing out the motes in the eyes of all those around her/him without examination of the mighty oak growing out of their own eye.

I have only been very casually listening to this while doing other tasks, and that is the impression I get from it. Take it for what it's worth. Similar listening, I have a much better opinion of Influencer (available here, narrated by Eric Conger, multiple actual authors). It is consistently much more sensitive to the life experiences of those who are not "Mainstream Americans" (i.e. white, middle-class, heterosexual Christians who have firmly established their life course and are native English speakers with a good education). And if you're NOT a person who holds many of the eight characteristics first listed in this review, that book may be more useful if you have to deal with someone who IS on a regular basis.

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  • morton
  • 28 02 2010

A Great Audio!

Dr. David Lieberman, an expert in the field of human behavior and relationships gives you all the tools you need to figure out if anyone...a potential date, a neighbor, a boss, an employee, etc. is unbalanced, a real danger or maybe just a bit eccentric. It's a great audio, and one that anyone who's about to hire or fire someone or is even considering online dating should listen to an learn from.

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  • Lynne
  • 17 08 2012

I learned so much about my family from this book!

What did you love best about Find Out Who's Normal and Who's Not?

I bought this book to find out more about my crazy coworkers, but learned so much about my family instead! This book isn't so much about hard-core mental illness, but about the little personality traits that you find in most people. Extremely interesting listen. I listened to it several times and jotted down notes.

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  • William
  • 07 06 2012

More technical than title implies

What made the experience of listening to Find Out Who's Normal and Who's Not the most enjoyable?

This book is great for anyone interested in psychology or just wanting to better understand others. Narrator Sean Pratt is great - very listenable. The content is serious science and based on mostly recent research.

What other book might you compare Find Out Who's Normal and Who's Not to and why?

More practical than The Psychopath Next Door.

Which character ??? as performed by Sean Pratt ??? was your favorite?


What???s an idea from the book that you will remember?

David Lieberman gives several conversational evaluation methods that are very usable.

Any additional comments?

Nicely organized and nicely presented.

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  • Amazon Customer
  • 29 11 2012


If you like things repeated and repeated and repeated until you realize your somewhere else this books for you.

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  • Rachel
  • 23 05 2012

Don't bother!

Have listened up to Chapter 6 and the only advice so far is to beware if someone treats waiters, sales staff etc differently from those they think can give them want they want - not exactly breaking news!!
A mish mash of basic psychology that is covered in 'a little knowledge is a dangerous thing" manner.
As the headline of my review suggests - don't bother!

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  • Rosemary Hayes
  • 30 07 2015

Not the story or information I expected

I know a lot of people, especially in this economic downturn who cannot afford to go to the dentist, and by this author's description would mean they are abnormal.

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  • ChellB
  • 17 09 2012

Interesting but hard to follow.

Would you try another book from David Lieberman and/or Sean Pratt?


Would you ever listen to anything by David Lieberman again?

Probably better in written word.

Would you listen to another book narrated by Sean Pratt?


Do you think Find Out Who's Normal and Who's Not needs a follow-up book? Why or why not?

Needs a PDF to go with it.

Any additional comments?

Seems to be written as a thesis.

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  • CoralGoose
  • 19 08 2012

Subject Matter is too "Heavy" for entertainment!

What could have made this a 4 or 5-star listening experience for you?

With a title like that, I didn't expect comedy, but I did expect a lighter yet factually based view on how to check people's emotional stability. It's wayyy too clinical, too "college course" sounding. If I wanted that, I'd go back to school.

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