The Hands of Mr. Ottermole & Fugue in C Minor  Audiolibri

The Hands of Mr. Ottermole & Fugue in C Minor

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Legendary horror star Vincent Price is at his scarifying best in these two vintage, full-length episodes of Suspense, "radio's outstanding theater of thrills"! You'll hear an all-star line-up of performers, writers, and even announcers when Price appears in famed mystery author Lucille Fletcher's original radio play "Fugue in C Minor" and Thomas Burke's horror classic, "The Hands of Mister Ottermole."

The mellifluous Price is matched against two other actors famed for their roles in crime and horror films, the talented and engaging actress Ida Lupino (Moontide) in the first petrifying program, and the brilliantly arch Claude Rains (The Invisible Man) in the second. Both episodes of Suspense also feature the original commercials that were broadcast with the show.

Adding to the all-star line-up, in the first episode, the announcer and spokesman for Roma Wine is Truman Bradley, who would later be host of television's Science Fiction Theater in the mid-50s.

The second episode features the vocal talent of Paul Frees as the host/announcer of Suspense, who will be familiar to many listeners for his work in films and in cartoons (in which he was the voice of literally hundreds of famous characters), and to others as the "Ghost Host" - the narrator of Disneyland's Haunted Mansion attraction.

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