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Forbes' Greatest Investing Stories

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Biotech, high tech, bubbles, and busts, no two stock markets are ever the same. Getting ahead of the game demands something hard to find on Wall Street these days, a flexible long-term strategy good for all seasons. Start your search with this book. Capitalizing on the techniques of the shrewd money spinners that it profiles will help you profit, no matter which way the wind blows. Let the time-tested measures of seers like Benjamin Graham and T. Rowe Price, adapted to the world of the Internet, show you how to spot value at a discount and profit from growth at its most rewarding.

Distilling long experience in covering Wall Street, Richard Phalon takes you to the heart of investing savvy. Episode by episode, he shows you how these canny money managers, often bouncing back from painful losses, worked out ways of buffeting the uncertainties of the marketplace. Each chapter teaches a trenchant lesson on what it takes to win on Wall Street.

Forbes' Greatest Investing Stories focuses on the telltale signs, the sniff tests, that helped gifted managers filter the real from the bogus. The book also counsels on how to protect yourself from the hazards of the game, including the kind of trick accounting that took investors to the cleaners in the ill-fated combination of Hospitality Franchise (HFS) and CUC International.

Learn how to cut through the myths of Wall Street with the help of some of the investment world's most talented professionals.

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