• Caffeinated Comics – Remembering Bill Monroe
    May 22 2023
    Bill Monroe was the host of "the Strokecast", a seasoned public speaker and a frequent guest of the show. He was also Jon's best friend. Jon tells the story of how he and Bill met in the 1980s, the adventures they had from Seattle to Las Vegas to the Dominican Republic and how Bill's eternal optimism overshadowed his own stroke and sudden passing. Plus, a rebroadcast of their 2016 discussion about Star Trek's 50th anniversary. [EP333]
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    1 ora e 31 min
  • Caffeinated Comics – Remembering Ron Zabrocki
    May 15 2023
    Noted NY session guitarist, producer and lifelong friend of the podcast Ron Zabrocki passed away this week so we're representing his 2013 appearance. Ron tells stories of coming up in the 70s, how digital changed his sound and what he really thinks about the Beatles, all in his own inimitable, and much missed, style [EP332]
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    35 min
  • Caffeinated Comics – How Was Your COVID?
    May 8 2023
    Jon was on his way to see "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3" when Howie Weingarten showed up from NY on the heels of the World Health Organization ending the COVID-19 global health emergency. They discuss the early days of lockdown, the good and bad ways their lives were changed forever by lockdown and losing loved ones and how Howie and his wife survived getting the virus 3 times. [EP331]
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    1 ora e 6 min
  • Caffeinated Comics – MCU ReVU: Avengers Endgame
    May 3 2023
    It's all come down to this. Jon, Elliott, Dave, Tom and Steven Brown cover the largest superhero movie ever made.Was it a 3 hour movie or 3 1 hour movies? How did Lord of the Rings inform the structure? And did creating a perfect ending harm all the Marvel projects that came afterwards? Plus, what lessons has recent Star Trek taken from Marvel?  [EP330]
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    1 ora e 40 min
  • Caffeinated Comics – The End of Picard
    Apr 24 2023
    It's been 35 years in the making and Jon and Elliott are still not ready. They discuss SPOILERS upon SPOILERS as showrunner Terry Matalas had to balance the cameo budget against rebuilding the Enterprise, how story trumps Easter Eggs and why a 70-year old cast makes the hosts feel well over 50. Plus, how the characters of "Star Trek: the Next Generation" slowly but surely worked themselves into our dnam even bitter Gen Xers who saw them as a threat to Kirk and Spock. [EP329]
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    1 ora e 20 min
  • Caffeinated Comics – Ghostlord’s Quest
    Apr 18 2023
    Doc Mack owns the largest video game arcade in the world but it's all to support a video game he has been developing for over 25 years. Steven returns in person to the podcast with documentarian Craig Bass to discuss the film they are making about Doc and his game. Reshoots, injuries and attempted murder all play a role in the true story Craig has spent 2 years shooting. Plus, how you can back the movie on kickstarter with ghostlordsquest.com [EP327]
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    1 ora e 1 min
  • Caffeinated Comics – Star Wars Celebration
    Apr 11 2023
    Star Wars has taken over London and Jon and Elliott are in Indiana Jones heaven! They discuss the new trailer and how much story it gives away (or doesn't). Plus, the first wave of Indy merchandise since 2008, Ewan MacGregor's moustache and why Star Wars fans may not be so toxic after all. [EP327]
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    1 ora e 8 min
  • Caffeinated Comics – Why So Much?
    Apr 4 2023
    Disney needs quarterly profits so bad they fired a billionaire. Jon and Elliott discuss how overspending on Disney Plus led to the company slashing 5.5 billion out of its budget. Plus, the streaming arms race, missing event movies and monthly comics in a sea of content and why Jon sounds like an angry alt comic this week.  [EP326]
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    1 ora e 4 min
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