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Pulling Rank

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What happens when one spouse intimidates his or her partner day after day after day? What impact does it have if an employee's dignity is stripped away by abusive corporate policies? When a powerful government flexes its muscle against weaker nations, what price will it pay?

These are questions Robert Fuller explores in his discussion of "rankism", defined as the abuse of power inherent in rank. He explores the short- and long-term effects of bullying by individuals and institutions, and lays the groundwork for how we can overcome abuse of power in our relationships, on the job, and within our government. The solutions may surprise you.

According to Fuller, "Rank is not the culprit. We need, in order to organize human affairs, to have certain ranks with certain powers, just as we do in the U.S. government. But we need to have checks and balances on those ranks."

Sadly, the checks and balances provided by our Constitution seem to be falling by the wayside, and Robert Fuller's theories may hold the key to restoring balance in our political system and every other area of our lives.

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