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Branded Outlaw Sintesi dell'editore

Take the law into your own hands, and you risk losing your grip on everything else - including your life. 

Lee Weston is as good-looking as he is quick tempered, and he’s got a lot to be angry about.

His father murdered, his family ranch torched, he goes gunning for Harvey Dodge - the man who he's convinced is the killer - and it’s Lee who ends up on the wrong side of the law. Shot in a gunfight, on the run and running out of time, he holes up in a mountain hideout and waits for death to come find him. 

But he wakes up in the arms of a beautiful woman who has beat death to his door and nursed him back to life. She’s the first and only woman he has ever fallen for, and her name is Ellen Dodge - Harvey’s daughter. Can a great loss lead to a great love? Can the search for revenge lead to redemption? The answers lie in the wild heart of the Wild West - in Branded Outlaw.

“This is yet another superb production, in which you'll be ducking bullets and hiding behind rocks to get your next shot in.” (Gather.com)

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    • The No-Gunman

    • A Frontier Tale of Outlaws, Lawlessness, and One Man’s Code of Honor
    • Di: L. Ron Hubbard

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