Diary of an Odd Enderman

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Diary of an Odd Enderman, Book 1 Sintesi dell'editore

Why is he so odd? Hmm?

Maybe it's because he looks weird? Or because he creeps up on you....

Enderman feels alone in his dark, cold world.

He has heard stories of other enderman traveling to colorful worlds. They come back to share their stories of how the other world is beautiful. The endermen would come back home with blocks they have stolen from that world.

Enderman starts to write in his journal speaking of how he is curious to see this colorful world with his own eyes. When he finally gains the courage to explore this new world, he decides to visit at nighttime. He knows he looks intimidating and also realizes that if another being looks into his eyes, he will automatically go into attack mode. He doesn’t want to be this way.

Take a journey into the unknown with this odd enderman as he finds himself in many situations, good and bad!

Disclaimer: This is not an official Minecraft book and is not authorized or owned by Mojang.

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