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How do you understand Grace and sin? How are they spiritually connected?

In the Western church, the understanding of grace, sin, and God's good creation has been shaped by theologians responding to the challenges specific to their times while using the resources of theology, philosophy, and personal religious experience. With the help of Father Brian McDermott, SJ, and this series of fifteen 25-minute lectures, you will be able to address these and other questions as well as gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics of God's grace.

In this program you will explore the ways that God works in our lives to draw us closer to the divine mystery, to forgive our sinfulness in a transformative way, and to liberate us for generous service in the world.

Theologians and great thinkers from the Apostle Paul to St. Thomas Aquinas to contemporary philosophers such as Karl Rahner will all have parts in this journey to fully understanding the concept of God's grace and its role in our lives every day.

This program will help you feel more in touch with your inner grace and help you grapple with the challenging ideas of grace and sin in the world. Fr. McDermott does a remarkable job of opening your mind to the history of past theological debates on these terms while helping you find in your heart what you truly believe.

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  • 02/03/2018

Learned, Compassionate, and Wise

I took several courses from Prof. Brian McDermott, SJ, including his course on grace, during the time he taught at Weston School of Theology and I was a graduate student at Harvard. He is among the best teachers I ever had. That comes through to a certain degree in these lectures (and lectures are what they are), but not as fully as I would have hoped. The lectures examine the Christian understanding of grace in the Old Testament, Paul, Eastern Orthodox thought, Augustine, Julian of Norwich, Aquinas, and Karl Rahner, as well as from the standpoint of Feminist Theology, Liberation Theology, ecology, and world religions. Each of these must be treated briefly, of course, but Prof. McDermott still manages to bring great insight, balance, compassion, and wisdom to every topic, making this an excellent introduction to a fascinating subject.

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