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These are some of the most fascinating Thomas Merton lectures ever recorded. 

Recorded in the last year of his life, these talks capture Merton as he ponders profound questions in an accessible, down-to-earth way. You will glean insight from Merton on a wide range of subjects, all held together by his conviction in our call to live in freeing obedience to the Holy Spirit. 

As Merton critiques the culture of his day, he speaks frankly about the way it creates alienated individuals who chase after superficial goals. He points to the contemplative life as a way to refute such a worldview. He guides us to seek out our deepest vocation. For him, the most mundane task done to glorify God is a prayer, and we can attain union with God through our daily work. 

Among the interreligious topics Merton covers, his commentary on the relationship of Buddhism to Christianity is especially noteworthy, given that the Dalai Lama himself praised Merton as having a more profound understanding of Buddhism than any other Christian he had ever known. 

This course is truly remarkable. These talks will deliver you to the depth of Merton's great mind. 

This course is part of the Learn25 collection. 

Photograph of Thomas Merton by Sibylle Akers. Used with permission of the Merton Legacy Trust and the Thomas Merton Center at Bellarmine University. 

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  • 09/12/2017


How could the performance have been better?

I purchased this recording on the basis of Thomas Merton's excellent reputation and popularity in his own time.
Given that he was a Trappist monk after coming from a background well informed by modern Western culture, I was hoping to learn something of the prophet's role in modern society.
Instead, Merton offered a thinly veiled, neo-Marxist diatribe, informed by the hippy trends of his day and re-communicated using religious language.
For me, his discussion seemed quite unreflective of the underlying ideas, and offered nothing new or insightful.
I was so disappointed in the shallow repetition of Marxist ideology using a religious cloak that I can't see myself purchasing anything else by Merton.
I guess that I will continue to look elsewhere.

You didn’t love this book... but did it have any redeeming qualities?

I did like the fact that this was a live lecture to an interested audience of nuns. The production lent a sense of authenticity to the recording.

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  • 14/08/2019

relaxed late Merton audio quality a little hard at

A good insight into late Merton. he is at his most relaxed here in these talks to nuns, great to hear him in this relaxed way. only problem is that the recording does not pick up the nuns side of the discussions, so one has to be patient through bits where ine cannot make out what is said.