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There is a need for new ideas on ethical leadership in business today. Success is more about making money than providing the highest value to the client served. Greed is king, lies are rampant, and a "whatever it takes" attitude is pervasive when money is involved. Many corporations have become dependent on people losing: losing their life savings, losing their dignity, and losing their way towards opportunity.

Leadership is a privilege. One must conscientiously direct the efforts of individuals at all levels of management as they carry out the mission of an organization. For, in the end, all must stand accountable for the manner in which success is achieved. Unethical practices warrant a leader's removal or subject the enterprise to the risk of destruction.

The economic climate is in a slow state of recovery and the dynamics of deal-making are no longer the same. The old tactics for maintaining earnings growth are not effective in this environment, and while everyone waits for the next billion-dollar scheme to come along, people are working harder and getting poorer. One must change the nature of one's business and investment strategies in order to survive.

The future of this world lies in the emergence of a just social climate, run by insightful businesspeople who will profit from bettering the positions of all.

©2006 V.T. Davis, W.R. Patterson,and D. Marques Patton (P)2006 Gildan Media

"The Baron Son is remarkable - a challenging and satisfying guide to success through inspired strategic leadership." (Tom Peters)
"A compelling way to reveal how wealth-building strategies apply to everyday living." (Black Enterprise Magazine)

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  • 20/04/2008

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The monotonous, lifeless, and rushed voice of the narrator combined with the inconsistent early english dialog make this an impossible listen. I couldn't make it through chapter 2 - and too bad as the content appears to have excellent substance. I'll buy the book, maybe...

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