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Sintesi dell'editore

Nothing offends liberals more than Western imperialism—it is racism, sexism, and chauvinism all in one. And of course the epitome of Western imperialism is the British Empire, the biggest empire the world has ever known, covering at its height a quarter of the globe’s surface and ruling a quarter of the world’s population. Here, best-selling author H. W. Crocker III exposes—in brawling, rambunctious style—how the British Empire was actually one of the greatest establishers and defenders of freedom in history.

So strap on your pith helmet for a rollicking ride through some of history’s most colorful events. The Politically Incorrect Guide to the British Empire provides a panoramic and provocative view of 400 years of history that will delight and amuse, educate and entertain.

©2011 H. W. Crocker III (P)2011 Blackstone Audio, Inc.

"As someone who grew up in India, I often hear people ask, ‘What have the British done for us?’ Until I read this book, I didn’t have the full answer.” (Dinesh D’Souza, New York Times best-selling author)

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  • snozek
  • 12 05 2016

Awe inspiring

By the end, I lamented both the end of the book and the fall of the British Empire!

While this is not a white-washing of the history of Britain, it is a tale seldom told of the rose, glory, and recession of the greatest empire in the history of man.

You disagree? I challenge you to listen to the tale of this book with a truthful heart and not form a similar conclusion.

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  • Jared
  • 07 08 2016

Incorrect and weak historical summery

While trying to come off as coherent and rebellious challenging modern concepts on the nature of past British imperialism. The historic narrative sharply veered off into the realm of implausible followed by impossible and finally landing squarely within the realm of the ridiculous.
It is understandable, and praise worthy, to develop perhaps an understanding of British imperialism from the perspective of the twin pillars of liberalism and conservatism. These concepts were terribly defined. It is not understandable to simply excuse outward racism and prejudice.
I have many more serious problems not least of which the overt sexism, clear bias towards religious fundimentalism, and describing the second opium war as a victory to instill free trade, but I won't spend all night writing this review. The real point of this book is a poorly written excuse riddled fantasy account of history extolling the virtues of a fictional Libertarianism over a modern equally fictional 'politically correct' Socialism.
TL;DR This book is garbage. Not worth the read.

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  • 03 12 2011

Not what I thought it'd be

The book consists of around 20 disconnected autobiographical histories of important figures who created the British Empire. However, there is virtually no argument for or against the British Empire being a good or a bad thing. Rather, Crocker just seems to like the people he describes and on the basis that they were quite fascinating characters the British Empire was a good thing. Any sort of analysis of what the British Empire actually did, for good or ill, was not present.

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