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The U.S. Constitution was approved by the Constitutional Convention on September 17, 1787. It was to become law only if it was ratified by nine of the 13 states. New York was a key state, but it contained strong forces opposing the Constitution. A series of 85 letters appeared in New York City newspapers between October 1787 and August 1788 urging support for the Constitution. These letters remain the first and most authoritative commentary on the American concept of federal government.

Later known as The Federalist Papers, they were published under the pseudonym "Publius", although written by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay. This presentation explores the major arguments contained in The Federalist Papers and contrasts them with the views of the Anti-Federalists.

(P)1986 Carmichael and Carmichael, Inc. and Knowledge Products

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  • Joy
  • 10 06 2007

Anti-Fed Fed Book

I was thinking I was getting some actual Federalist Papers, not commentary on them, so I was disappointed right away. Then, I was even more disappointed with the worldview of the author--he was about as anti-federalist as he could possibly be. After reading Chernow's Alexander Hamilton this author's view of Hamilton seemed a warped cariature, rather than a balanced look at his writings or goals for America. I do not recommend this book at all. I wish audible would offer the actual unabridged Federalist Papers themselves, instead, so we could make our own judgment about their content.

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  • John K
  • 02 03 2009

Deceptively titled; simplistic.

The first two reviewers have it right. Blackstone/Audible need to clearly indicate that this is a very unsophisticated commentary with, as has been noted, a very distinct bias. We still need an audible version of the complete and unabridged Papers. Don't bother with this. I'd give it no stars, if I could.

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  • Clark Massey
  • 23 07 2016

this is NOT The Federalist Papers.

This is NOT The Federalist Papers. It is a book ABOUT The Federalist Papers. kinda misleading saying the authors a A.H. J.M. and J.J when it is just about them.

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  • John
  • 14 12 2013

Unusually balanced look at the Federalist faction

This is work offers a brisk review of the background and context of the Federalist papers and an outline of the content of the Papers themselves. The received narrative of the Federalist movement is so painfully one-sided as to gravely distort our history. This work is impressive in its willingness to be frankly critical of the Federalists and to go so far at to treat Anti-Federalist movement as being of equal dignity. This has agitated some listeners, but it is important that we take and honest view of the men in question, their methods and their ideals.

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  • Tacfarinas
  • 15 07 2007

not the real deal

This is a book ABOUT the Federalist Papers, not the real thing. It seems fine as that, but the reader "does" the quotations (e.g. by Hamilton) in weird pseudo-English accents which make them fairly painful.

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  • Julianne
  • 18 07 2010

A great piece on Liberty

If you want to begin to understand the split between the Federalist and Anti-Federalist movements during and shortly after the Revolution, this is a great place to start. This is a wonderful piece of commentary, and a must read if you want to begin to unravel the idea of liberty, and to understand the views of those behind the writing of the Bill of Rights. The commentary also helps to explain why Patrick Henry "smelled a rat" during the ratification of our Constitution. This is not an unabridged copy of the Federalist papers. It is commentary on the contrasting views of the Anti-Federalists, as the publisher's commentary describes

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  • Mark
  • 15 11 2017

A Nice Overview

A nice run down that lnks history in a timeframe, political views, with excerpts into a general overview

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  • London, UK
  • 15 01 2017

They were flawed

They were flawed and genius all at the same time. I can't say I could teach a course on the papers as I have just fully understood what they represent and it amazing.