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The Age of Voltaire

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The Age of Voltaire, the ninth volume of The Story of Civilization, is an in-depth examination of France and England in the first half of the 18th century. In this masterful work, listeners will encounter:

  • The English ideas that inspired the Enlightenment in France - skepticism, scientific experiment, constitutional government, "natural rights", and individual liberty
  • The salons of Paris, where the wits and thinkers of all Europe gathered to exchange ideas
  • The philosophers - intellectuals, playwrights, and poets who consulted and consorted with kings and queens
  • Voltaire himself - the incarnation of the Enlightenment and a devotee of reason who still defended religious faith
  • Mme. Pompadour, patron of the philosophers, who seduced King Louis XV and through him influenced French policy
  • The Augustan Age in English literature - Alexander Pope's poetry, Jonathan Swift's satires, and the novels of Samuel Richardson and Henry Fielding

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