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Sintesi dell'editore

A brief synopsis on the convergence of new age theories, technological advancement, and political entanglement yields a case for informational transparency as the foundation of government reformation and social evolution. Smile (While You Stick the Knife In) was originally published in 2011; however the topics discussed are more prevalent in today's socio-political climate than in the time it was written. 

M. Doucet takes us on the journey of an average thinking man through the maze of Google searches and thought traps. Honest. Witty. Forward thinking and insightful, with an over arching hint of good humored asshole, Smile (While You Stick the Knife In) may lead you to the answers for the questions you've been asking yourself, it may lead you to ask questions you never thought to ask, and for some it may lead you nowhere at all. Either way, there is plenty here to think about, and plenty here to make the conscious choice of what not to think about. 

To fully appreciate the nature of this work, you may want to familiarize yourself with some, if not all, of the following words and phrases: Ica Stones; Atlantis; Sumerian; Babylonian; Sirius A, B & C; Loose Change; MK Ultra; The Northwoods Document; ChemTrails; Nasca Lines; Economic Hitmen; Carnac; The Philadelphia Experiment; Water Flouridation; Long Count Calendar; Willie Lynch; Flower of Life; Zeitgeist; Zechariah Sitchin; Piri Reis Map; Thoth; Anunakki; Giza Complex; Fibonacci; The Bible Code; Cloud Seeding; Nbiru; Maxwell Igan; Egyptian Book of the Dead; Tibetan Book of the Dead; Operation Red Sky; Operation Clover Leaf; Operation Rain Dance; Bohemian Grove; Quetzalcoatl; Cloward and Piven; The Emerald Tablets; Platonic Solids; Merkaba; Vymaanika-Shaastra; Kemetic Science; Lemuria; World Grid Theory; Percy Fawcett; The Crystal Skulls; Wikileaks; Bilderberg Group; Vimana; Golden Ration; Pythagoras; Machu Picchu; Kundalini; Freemasons; Prana; Zero Point; Sacred Geometry; Metatron's Cube; HAARP; Dogon Tribe; Pinea....

©2011 M Doucet (P)2017 Game Winner LLC

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