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Sintesi dell'editore

The genesis of this audiobook, and the information, perceptions, and perspectives herein, spawned as a natural out-springing of a penetrating mind, rebellious spirit, and a critical, unwavering eye for subtlety. Verily, such was my state of being prior to the explosion of social media hegemony, in a time long before the ubiquitous application of intensive, technologically-driven social engineering.

The purpose of this audiobook is to illustrate the ironical flipping of the script on social media - as a tool of social monitoring and control - to a platform of outspoken and direct questioning of social, political, and spiritual norms; the compliance and obedience to such notions; and the outright shattering of the constructed and contrived false paradigm we live in. As so concisely and insightfully stated and attributed to George Orwell, "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

The scope of this audiobook includes commentary, statements, questions, assertions, observations, poetry, and writings, sourced entirely from social media posts, touching on social, political, and spiritual subjects, with the intent of inducing critical thinking, spiritual exploration, and courage in the listener. This catalog of social media posts is being conveyed in "Rounds", in a steady stream of thought-provoking and soul-searching proverbial jabs, uppercuts, and counter-punches; prepare for the onslaught!

The place is here; the time is now.

©2018 Jason L Gallien (P)2018 Jason L Gallien

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