Setting the Record Straight: Using an Outside Offer to Get a Raise

Di: Amy Gallo
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You’ve probably heard this before: “The only way to get a raise is to get another job offer.” Is it true? I talked to experts who study negotiations to get their perspectives on whether this oft-given advice holds up in practice and against research. So, first things first: Yes, the outside offer can work - and it often does. Hannah Riley Bowles, a senior lecturer at the Harvard Kennedy School who studies negotiation, admits that the practice is “well-established.” She adds: “It’s recognized as a legitimate way to get a higher compensation.” Her studies show that when people ask for a raise with an outside offer in hand, their “request is perceived as more legitimate and justified.”

"Setting the Record Straight: Using an Outside Offer to Get a Raise" is from, published on July 5, 2016.

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