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Goodbye Panic is the first in a series of therapeutic children's books for adults and children. This book is designed to be used during an episode of panic. Any age can benefit from this book. Goodbye Panic can help no matter the cause of panic.

Panic happens quickly. Panic is frightening. Panic can be related to stress. Panic can occur out of the blue. Panic is a form of anxiety.

Goodbye Panic uses a blend of time-tested psychotherapy and cutting edge medical science. This layering of concepts is a powerful force for calming.

Open this book at the onset of panic. Listen to it immediately even when the panic is abrupt. Observe the detailed photographs, follow along and wonder what each detail means to your recovery. Most panic attacks last for 10 to 20 minutes, although panic feels as if it is permanent.

Panic can occur in anyone. Panic may start at any age.

Panic attacks may occur quickly. Children, like adults, may experience: anxious thinking; jittery feelings; sweating; hot or cold flashes; choking or smothering sensations; racing heart; labored breathing; trembling; chest pains; faintness; numbness; nausea; disorientation; or feelings of dying, losing control, or losing one's mind.

If a person has frequent panic, an evaluation by a professional is recommended and medically beneficial. Clinicians often try to rule out medical, psychological, and relationship causes before diagnosing panic disorder. Effective treatment is available. Childhood panic attacks often improve without treatment, whereas adult panic attacks commonly require medication, therapy, or psychosocial management.

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