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Sintesi dell'editore

Have you ever wished you could peer into someone's mind to find out what he or she is really thinking? Now you can...really.

This audiobook is not a collection of recycled ideas about body language. It does not suggest that a woman's hairstyle will give us unprecedented access into her soul; neither does it spout wildly ambiguous generalities about people based on intuition or gut instinct. Nor does it reach conclusions based on how she folds her hands or he ties his shoelaces. This audiobook contains specific, proven psychological techniques that can be applied instantly to any person in just about any situation.

Dr. Lieberman has demonstrated the ease and accuracy of these techniques on hundreds of television and radio programs. In a special report for Fox News, host Jeff Rosin declared, "It's simply amazing! I was with him and he was never wrong...not even once. I even learned how to do it, and that's saying something." In fact, Dr. Lieberman has gone head-to-head on live television with skilled polygraph examiners and scored just as well every time.

You Can Read Anyone explains, step-by-step, exactly how to tell what someone is thinking and feeling in real-life situations. For example, you will see precisely how to determine whether another poker player will stay in or fold, whether a salesperson is trustworthy, or whether or not a first date is going your way or the other way. And when the stakes involve high-level negotiations, interrogations, or questions of abuse, theft, or fraud, knowing who is out for you, and who is out to get you (or a loved one) can save you time, money, energy, and heartache.

©2007 David J, Lieberman (P)2007 Gildan Media Corp

"Lieberman offers proven psychological techniques that deliver on their promise to get inside a person's head....Dr. Lieberman's insights into human nature are breathtaking and practical." ( Focus Magazine)

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  • Drew
  • 13 10 2008

What the heck?

Seriously a waste of time and money. Either it is poor editing or poor writing. He gives short stories to illustrate his methods, but they are irrelevant to most people. For example, he describes tricks used while interrogating a crime suspect. How many readers are going to bring someone to a room with those see through mirrors to judge their honesty? His other techniques are no more applicable than knowing how to fly in order to steer a shopping cart. This simply has a great title, probably made him a ton of money.

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  • Jp
  • 02 11 2011

very interesting, but not explained enough

I thought that the audio book had some very interesting case studies, and some facinating facts, but it seemed like the book was too rushed and that the points felt they needed more time to fully explain the message.

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  • Susan
  • 12 09 2008

slow down

The information in the book is wonderful, yet it was difficult to enjoy due to the narrator.
It was read with little expression, and too rapidly. It was almost as if the narrator wanted to show how fast he could read, I had to continuously rewind to get the jest of the material.

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  • Dante DelGrosso
  • 07 06 2008

George Costanza reads better

I'm sure the content of this book was very interesting but I couldn't get over the rushed, amateur reading to actually absorb it. It is like they picked a mechanic from Queens to read it; he was always so good at reading the engine manuals aloud to the other guys in the shop.

I would go buy the book but I think the voice is lodged in my brain forever.

24 su 27 utenti hanno ritenuto utile questa recensione

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  • Len
  • 04 11 2009

Use a professional narrator.

Inept narration makes the material difficult to understand. He pauses mid-sentence, probably at the end of printed lines. He often doesn't pause at the end of a sentence or at a comma.

I would have thought that the author would know how to read his own material with appropriate expression and phrasing, but no, it was disappointing.

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  • HappyCustomer
  • 15 01 2013

You Can Read Anyone

When you finish the book you can't completely read everyone and avoid being taken advantage of or lied to, but your in a much better position after reading the book. Unless something is glaringly wrong with a person, I pretty much accept whatever people are telling me. This is why I don't buy a car by myself or sign contracts that could do harm. After reading this book you may pay more attention and mentally ask a few more questions unthought of before. If you need to figure out if your being lied to you will have some idea of what to look for and what to ask. Enjoyed this book mainly because it had information I could use and told me many things I never knew. Trying to spot a liar? This will give you some insight.

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  • DS
  • 10 03 2013


I've read a bunch of books on this subject from a couple of different perspectives and this was among the best. In fact, I think I'll re-read it. There's a lot of info I should probably revisit.

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  • Ernesto
  • 18 03 2015

Not good

It presents interesting concepts, but poorly presented. Poor audio quality. It's one of the few books I didn't enjoyed reading.

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  • Douglas
  • 29 08 2009

Pretty boring actually

doesn't deliver

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  • William Waltrip
  • 09 01 2012


This information is so valuable that I recommend reading the book and then using the audiobook for repetition and review.

T. William Waltrip, MD

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  • Bruce
  • 17 03 2009

Obvious and unrealistic

At the start of this audio book the author tells us he isn't going to bother with the same old material on body language. That's a pity, because it might have added value. The book is a series of obvious and unrealistic observations and techniques which are not applicable in the real world. Steer clear!

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