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As a believer, you know that your faith is the single strongest attribute you possess. Your level of “faith” is best defined as your ability to “perceive, or your perception” of what is going on “in” and “around” you. For over 2,000 years, the greatest mystery concerning mankind has been lying exposed in plain-sight, but no one has clearly seen it, nor shared its importance, until now.

During the last two years, Scott Schang has drawn back the veil of deception and fully exposed the reason why any believer is being held back in life. You are powerless to become everything God has designed you to be until “you know who you are.” The key is found in what is waiting to be released from within you, not given to you. Like Jesus, once your mind completely comprehends your “True Identity (tm),” your destiny will flow like a river, revealing who you are - and from this, your purpose in life comes into perfect focus.

You have been created for greatness, and now it’s your time to be the “stunning masterpiece” that lay ready for discovery. Each of us is a beautiful “new” creation, but without this revelation becoming part of us, we are unable to live in the fullness God designed for our lives. Scott Schang has provided the way for you to “jump-start” and “accelerate” your life as a “born-again believer”. Just imagine putting an end to all the “stuff” that has been holding your life in neutral.

You are the truest expression, since time began, of God’s love on the face of this earth. His plan, for all His creation, has been moving toward this point in time. Once-and-for-all, everything you need to move your life from where you are now and into the things of your dreams... is right here.

©2011 The Promise-Scott Schang (P)2011 The Promise-Scott Schang

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