• The Key

  • The Missing Secret for Attracting Anything You Want
  • Di: Joe Vitale
  • Letto da: Joe Vitale
  • Durata: 4 ore e 58 min
  • Versione integrale
  • Data di pubblicazione: 18 10 2007
  • Lingua: Inglese
  • Editore: Gildan Media, LLC
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Sintesi dell'editore

Are you struggling with your job, health, finances, or personal relationships? Is there something you desperately want but can't seem to attain, no matter how hard you try? Are you frustrated that you can't seem to achieve your dreams? If you're tired of struggling and want the true secret of unlimited success, The Key will open a new world of possibilities for you.

The Key reveals the missing secret for attracting wealth, health, success, happiness, and anything else that you want from life. This deeply enlightening life guide builds on author and self-help guru Joe Vitale's best-selling audiobook The Attractor Factor and goes beyond the mega-hit movie and book The Secret to reveal a powerful and effective way to get more from every aspect of your life.

If you know you can achieve more but can't seem to make it happen, The Key reveals the psychological and unconscious limitations that are holding you back. Inside every person are subconscious "counter-intentions" that can sabotage you and prevent you from getting what you truly want. The Key reveals 10 proven ways to remedy this situation, aligning your conscious and subconscious beliefs and ending self-sabotage forever.

Vitale takes complex issues of psychology and makes them easy to understand and apply to your life. Combining real, practical life wisdom with the spiritual insight to truly understand yourself, Vitale gives you ten tools guaranteed to open new opportunities and possibilities in your life. Use these amazing strategies to unlock the secret doors in yourself and marvelous, magical things will happen in every aspect of your life. The key to success lies inside this audiobook - and inside yourself.

This is the missing secret to unlocking your full potential and attracting anything you want in life. Turn The Key - and take the first step to freedom and fulfillment.

©2007 Joe Vitale; (P)2007 Gildan Media Corp

"If you have been unable to manifest or attract what you truly desire, the missing secret he outlines in this audiobook will open the door for you. Knowing and applying this key in your life will more than pay for the cost of this audiobook! Listen to it and reap the benefits!" (Dr. Robert Anthony, author of Beyond Positive Thinking)

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  • Adam
  • 21 04 2008

Good content - but not all from Vitale

If you love Joe's work - you will probably like this montage of his work which showcases his "clearing" methods which he states are the "key" to the law of attraction. The idea is basically that you have to "be clear" for this law to work, and that we are all stopped by self-inflicted counter intuitive thoughts. Overall I liked this listen, and always enjoy what Joe has to share - but more than half of this audio is from other "experts", some great, some good and some not so much. The audio quality also varies throughout because some of this book was recorded over the phone. Some of it sounds more suited for a podcast rather than a book. I guess you would consider these "extras" - but there are too many mentions of other products and promotions for Joe and his guests that the additional selling did get a touch overbearing. I don't mind being "sold" products - but not inside a book I already purchased. Save this stuff for the website & podcast. Bottom line - a good listen, but too much cross selling and not enough time with Joe 'Mr. Fire' Vitale.

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  • Talyrath
  • 01 07 2009

With all that advertising, it should be free.

"The Key", by Joe Vitale, takes an interesting look at the other side of the Law of Attraction -- how subconscious beliefs prevent people from manifesting what they desire. No matter how much you desire a new car, if you believe that you don't deserve one, you won't get one. "The Key" explores these counter intentions and methods to clear them out, taking out roadblocks to the listener's desires.

If that were the full premise of the book, it would have gotten 4 stars. Unfortunately, the message of this book is marred by a number of factors.
* Relentless cross merchandising. Mr. Vitale spends a considerable time trying to get you to spend more money on his other books and coaching programs. This audiobook is full of commercials.
* Amateurish production and sound quality. There are a number of audio segments on this book by friends and associates of Mr. Vitale. These segments sound as if they were recorded on a static filled cellphone connection.
* The last half of the book is filler. When I purchased the audio program, I expected new content from Joe Vitale. Instead, the last half of this program consists of: a recording of a coaching session, a sales pitch of why we should buy coaching sessions from Mr. Vitale, and someone else giving an excerpt of clearing methods from their book.

I have nothing but respect for Mr Vitale. He's a master at the Law Of Attraction and has a great message. Unfortunately, his message is diluted by the infomercial style of this audiobook.

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  • Socaav
  • 06 10 2009

Joe Discredits Himself

I've enjoyed many Joe Vitale's books but agree with other reviewers that this book has too much advertising. In general Joe Vitale's books have many advertising of his other books and other writers' books but this one seems like an infomercial. Unfortunately if this is your first read by Joe Vitale you may feel inclined to not read any more of his books, in this way he discredits himself.

He tries to sell his miracle coaching and so many other things he's worked on yet when he answers questions he says I've never been after money, I just go after what I love. Someone not after money that's already made money and is in the public eye shouldn't try to market himself so much.

This book ruined Joe Vitale's work for me. I do like other like Jack Canfield and James Arthur Ray who speak about the same subject and seem more sincere and less after money.

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  • morton
  • 22 10 2007

The way to unlimited success!

Joe Vitale, a major contributor to “the Secret,” goes beyond it to reveal the way to health, wealth, success and happiness. Great for anyone who knows they can achieve more but isn’t, as he points out the unconscious limitations that are holding us back and offers practical advice on how to get more out of life. Vitale tells how to end self-sabotage and “counter-intentions” that prevent us from reaching our full potential and shows us the way to achieve unlimited success. He makes complex issues easy to understand and gives the tools needed to really change your life. I’m a big fan of his ideas and practical wisdom. The key to success really does lie inside this audio book…and inside each of us as well. It’s a perfect gift for people of any age.

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  • Sarah Mason
  • 13 07 2009


Relentless advertising, poor production (at times very poor), rehash of old material, boring. Joe could also use a few lessons on how to speak without sounding like he's reading the book aloud to a class of elementary school kids. Very disappointing.

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  • Vicki
  • 01 09 2008

Too Pushy!

I don't like the fact that Joe Vitali constantly refers to other books he wrote throughout this audiobook. I don't really care about the other books, especially since he refers to them so often that he's pushy, & for that reason I won't purchase any more books of his.

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  • Candice
  • 23 10 2008

The Key DOES open your mind

This book has opened me up to some wonderful things I have recommended it to friends and family!

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  • Jared Sanford
  • 08 07 2017

it was a decent book.

I'm a big fan of Joe Vitale and his books and his work. however this was not one of his best books to go over lot of good information but it seemed more like an infomercial

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  • Amazon Customer
  • 09 11 2014

To much sales pitching & repetitive

Would you try another book from Joe Vitale and/or Joe Vitale?

yes if it were hardcopy so i don't have to listen to sales pitches

What was most disappointing about Joe Vitale’s story?

Truly - i was expecting more ! I have done Vitale's " secret Mirror " techniques
I have found other material from joe useful & was expecting the same from this book
The key is identifying & removing your negativity
I was really expecting a lot more info & techniques to more areas.

How did the narrator detract from the book?

It sounded like Joe was reading and not very well - poor emphasis on some words.. didn't keep you entertained or capture interest -

If you could play editor, what scene or scenes would you have cut from The Key?

Remove all the sales pitches & retake on the audio - sounds like someone is reading aloud rather than explaining - put other books available at the end rather than pitched throughout

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  • Mateen
  • 02 12 2010

One of the most powerful selfhelp I ever read

Finally, the law of attraction, brain function, universal grid and science came together in one listen with easy understanding. The book was written long before the current "new age" books but it really makes sense of what you are listening now.

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  • Mark
  • 09 01 2014

Not Joe's Best Work - still good though.

I've listened to many of Joe Vitale's books and he is great in delivering good thought provoking content and I'm an avid fan. He does spend a lot of time promoting his other products and Miracles Coaching in this plus there are various other story tellers on here too & one of them sent me to sleep - really! I woke up feeling great though...

There are some great sections and if you're a JV fan like me then this is a must listen. If you only know JV from The Secret then start with The Attractor Factor 1st.