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  • Public Speaking & Persuasion
  • Di: Cameron Laws
  • Letto da: Chris Chappell
  • Durata: 1 ora e 52 min
  • Versione integrale
  • Data di pubblicazione: 10 01 2018
  • Lingua: Inglese
  • Editore: Cameron Laws
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Sintesi dell'editore

Public Speaking

In this audiobook, you will be provided with valuable tools and techniques that will allow you to achieve success in any occasion in which you are called to speak in front of a crowd.

We will discuss how to properly prepare for the occasion beforehand. This includes everything from:

  • How to construct an appropriate outline for the speech
  • How to properly rehearse
  • As well as how to prepare yourself mentally for success

This audiobook also includes effective techniques and methods to utilize while you are actually speaking. We discuss:

  • How proper posture gives unspoken assumptions about yourself to the listeners
  • Small physical cues to avoid at all cost
  • And what your thought process should consist of as you face the crowd

Year in and year out, public speaking consistently sits at the top of the list of fears of Americans, even ranking higher than death! This is undoubtedly the result of false preconceived notions about public speaking, as well as the lack of knowledge about how to prepare and deliver an effective speech or presentation.

With the material found in this audiobook, you will be able to rise above the majority of your peers, do away with unnecessary fear and apprehension that plagues human beings at the thought of speaking to a crowd, and become a confident, effective speaker capable of persuading an audience, driving home whatever point you are attempting to make, and moving them emotionally as you describe something you are passionate about!


Persuasion is a part of everyday life and will be used just about all the time, especially if your line of work requires this. We are constantly bombarded with media advertising, and even when we don’t realize it, our thoughts and actions are shaped by what we see around us.

If you think you are new to persuasion, you are not. You were born a persuader, and somewhere along the line, you may have lost that confidence. This audiobook will help you gain that confidence back and acquire the skill to effectively persuade people.

Inside, you will learn:

  • Concrete ways to persuade people and improve your sales
  • Tried and true ways to get people to buy
  • How to have great selling points to make the sale
  • Which work ethics you need to develop to be successful
  • How to make those opportunities come knocking on your door
  • And so much more....

Everyone can be persuaded. There is not one person out there that can resist the power of persuasion all of the time. You just need to do it right and start by grabbing a copy of this audiobook!

©2017 Cameron Laws (P)2018 Cameron Laws

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