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January 19. The rain sounded so relaxing with a cadence that lulled you into restful slumber. In the early morning hours...layer upon layer of ice formed, causing tree branches to bow down, almost touching the ground. As the sun rose over the horizon, the boughs glistened with dazzling beauty. And although the rays of sunshine continued to dance on the frozen limbs, the temperature remained below freezing. What a tremendous waste that so many trees would be destroyed because they weren't strong enough to bear the additional load. And so it is with us as wounds and disappointments accumulate....

Devoting yourself to daily spiritual meditation can enhance your walk with God in ways you never dreamed possible. This robust and encompassing resource offers 366 lessons crafted to deepen your spiritual insight. Hanging on to each day's unique and inspiring message will remind you of the great truths found in God's Word.

In Craig Clouston's compilation of insightful scenarios, you will find that Snapshots is not a traditional, cumbersome devotional. These experience-driven scenarios will draw you in immediately, relating the message to your own life experiences. This book offers real spiritual solutions with each day's commentary, specifically designed to illustrate how to strengthen your walk with Christ.

Absorbing, listenable, and brief, these fresh stories and adaptations of popular songs and books will allow you to quickly grasp the most important truths of the Bible. Setting aside time to read Snapshots will open the eyes of your heart to the depth of God's love and his desire for you to know him at the deepest level. So follow along and enjoy the journey!

©2010 Craig Clouston (P)2010 Tate

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