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From one of the world's leading experts on reading and dyslexia comes the most comprehensive, up-to-date, and practical book yet to help one understand, identify, and overcome the reading problems that plague American children today. For the one in every five children who has dyslexia and the millions of others who struggle to read at their own grade levels, as well as for their parents, teachers, and tutors, this book can make a difference.

Dr. Shaywitz's book is a trusted source to turn to for information, advice, guidance, and explanation. Her cutting-edge research is translated into an easy-to-follow plan of action offering help and hope to all who have reading problems and to their families as well.

©2004 Sally Shaywitz, M.D.; (P)2004 Blackstone Audiobooks

"Yale neuroscientist Shaywitz demystifies the roots of dyslexia...and offers parents and educators hope that children with reading problems can be helped. Shaywitz delves deeply....Shaywitz's groundbreaking work builds an important bridge from the laboratory to the home and classroom." (Publishers Weekly)
"Parents and teachers will appreciate this tremendously helpful resource." (Booklist)

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  • Brooke
  • 16 06 2006

Dyslexia Adults Don't Buy

I am a dyslexic adult and I was so excited when I found this book (on CD). Finally a book that will help me overcome my problems. Boy was I wrong. It left me very disappointed and yet again with no answers. If you have a child that is dyslexic then this book maybe of some use for you. It also has good information to help one understand the disability but this book is not for adults looking for solutions. I was hoping this book could help fix me. I was wrong and I felt like I wasted 13 hrs of my time. In the summary it said "an easy-to-follow plan of action offering help and hope to all who have reading problem" It should say offering help and hope to Children not ALL.

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  • gr8kidss
  • 28 08 2004

Extremely Helpful!

Overcoming Dyslexia was an extremely helpful book. I found myself talking to my son's reading teacher quoting many times facts from the book. I even check the book out from the library just to get a handle on some of the beginning sight words my son should be recognizing (as the audio book just reads one word after another and is too difficult to write down! :-)

If you are thinking this is too long of an audio or maybe contains useless information - I would offer you this advise; get the book! It has changed the direction of my son's school curriculum and has helped me understand the maze of reading disabilities!

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  • Todd Fadoir
  • 02 12 2005

This book changed my life.

First Two Lessons: Dyslexia is not about seeing letters backwards. Dyslexia is much more common than you think. Shaywitz disspells these myths with facts and research.

Next Big Lesson: Dyslexia is a inconsistency between the intelligence of a person and their reading ability. These people tend to have strengths. These strengths can be attributed to their disability. Smart, important, famous people are dyslexic. And you could be one of them.

I made a connection after reading/hearing this book. The reason I like audio books is because I'm probably dyslexic. I would get tired reading normally. Audio books allowed me to enjoy many books I wouldn't (couldn't) have otherwise. This book explains why that is.

7 su 7 utenti hanno ritenuto utile questa recensione

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  • Mary
  • 01 07 2004

Book answers many questions

This book answers many of the questions that I had about why my daughter cannot read, yet scores very high in other areas. It is a book that was needed. It is a place where you can find out about the recent advances in understanding how reading is learned and how we process words (written and in speach). I highly recommend it for anyone who has a child/friend/sibling who is having trouble reading or is an adult and has trouble reading. I strongly recommend the audio version for those who have trouble reading.

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  • Alan
  • 02 05 2007

Too long, too bad.

Pointlessly repetetive, and poorly organized. Lists that should have been in an appendix are read in excess detail. Doesn't really give any information on overcoming dyslexia as such, but rather history, identification and teaching non-dyslexic children to read. For dyslexics, this just lists schools, reading programs, and the closest it gets to 'overcoming', coping strategies for adults.

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  • Michael Shapiro
  • 04 11 2016

the ultimate book on Dyslexia

this book is completely comprehensive, expliring all aspects of dyslexia. if you only read one book on dyslexia this ought to be it. it contains everything you need to know or would want to know.

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  • Storia
  • Anon
  • 13 05 2016

Excellent read for school psychologists!

This is a very well written book for anyone who works with kids who struggle to learn to read. Don't pass it up if you are a teacher or school psychologist.

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  • Kevin Murray
  • 17 11 2017

Wow! 20% dyslexia rate?!?!

Must read for parents and teachers! If 20% of all students have some level of challenge in this area, and this is going unaddressed, it may be the single greatest educational public health issue in our country!

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  • Amazon Customer
  • 14 11 2017

OK book, but a bit of a slog

I listen to this book, because one of my children was recently diagnosed with dyslexia and the publication was recommended by his audiologist.

I found parts of this to be very useful and interesting. For example the history of how the medical community came to understand dyslexia was particularly insightful. However as a non-position, parts of the discussion overly clinical and that’s hard to follow. Additionally, the book very much focuses on discovery of dyslexia in preschool and elementary school children as well as strategies for helping children of that age.

All of that said, I probably would not have finished the hardcopy. However, I can use the audio book to flag deeply couple sections of the hardcopy for reference.

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  • Amazon Customer
  • 13 11 2017


Comprehensive. There is so much contained in this book. It was difficult to absorb it all. Taking the time to complete this reading is well worth it to you and anyone you love who deals with dyslexia.