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Sintesi dell'editore

I am the narcissist. I have tactics to make you talk when I want you to talk. To make you shut up when I want you to shut up. To make you sit on reserve and wait around for me to come back. To make you stay faithful and loyal to me. To punish you when you betray me. To collect all of your resources.

The Go-Getter

All of my kind are taught from early on to get a "Go-Getter". This is a girl who works for resources, status, power, and money. I ride her coattails. I drop her off at work. I "go get her" when she is done working.

Then, I take everything there is to take from her.

I brag to all my friends that I have multiple Go-Getter girls lined up. One of them pays my phone bill. One of them supplies me with a place to live. One of them buys me my clothing so that I look fine when I am out picking up more girls. One of them pays my car insurance so that I can drive around in my sports car and be the envy of all the town. I got it made! My friends are envious of my skills and ability to suck resources off all these women that I am entangled with.

I have sex with one girl at work in order to get that promotion that I want. I sit on the phone with her at home laughing so that the girl I am living with ramps up her efforts to please me and give me whatever it is that I want at home. This triangulation will cause jealousy in both girls, and will cause them to ramp up their positive attentions toward me, making me the center of their universe. Boy, do I feel like God!

I triangulate my new love with my friends and my family members. I tell my friends that it is my new girl that is keeping me from spending any time with them. She is so controlling. She busts my balls when I want to go out. She is the reason that I can’t go out with the boys. My friends get jealous of her being in the primary position in my life. Then, I take her around my friends and watch the henpecking show begin. Each of them is fighting over yours truly.

This is great action! Everyone wants to be near me, and I am at the top of the world. It is like being in the front row seating at a boxing match. Except I am the winning belt at the end of the match.

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