• If God Were Your Therapist

  • How to Love Yourself and Your Life and Never Feel Angry, Anxious or Insecure Again
  • Di: David J. Lieberman, Ph.D.
  • Letto da: Sean Pratt
  • Durata: 2 ore e 11 min
  • Versione integrale
  • Data di pubblicazione: 07 01 2011
  • Lingua: Inglese
  • Editore: Gildan Media, LLC
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Sintesi dell'editore

How to stay sane in an insane world.... Given the high level of both opportunity and comfort, we would expect people to be happier than ever, and even more satisfied with their lives. The reality, though, is startlingly different. Instead of thriving and feeling empowered as a result of greater choices, we are deteriorating.

Drawing on timeless wisdom and fundamental principles in psychology, Dr. David Leiberman, offers insights into the human condition, and reveals how, regardless of the opportunities available to us today, a lack of self-control results in poor choices and ultimately leads to negative emotions and destructive habits.

If God Were Your Therapist offers neither exercises or affirmations, nor meditations or motivating mantras. There is no homework to do or journals to fill out. Rather, listeners learn how to regain self-control and move their thoughts, choices, and lives in a purposeful, powerful direction, free from the shackles of anxiety and stress.

Experience a new kind of freedom and power when you discover how to permanently rise above your nature and move confidently through life on ordinary days, and in extraordinary times.

©2010 David J. Lieberman, Ph.D. (P)2010 Gildan Media Corp

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  • Melissa
  • 08 06 2011

Basic rules that make sense and need to be heard

This audiobook was great. I found myself writing down key points throughout the book while I listened. The author talks about the soul, ego, and body driving us to make decisions and how these decisions affect our self esteem and quality of life. This is not mystical or the usual self-help junk that you get from other books. The advice/info seems like no-nonsense common sense to me, getting to the root of the issues. I will note that I am not very religious and still enjoyed the book. There are some places that get heavy into God and Adam and Eve and forgiveness and I just took it for what it was. I may not agree with the author’s beliefs about religion, but it didn’t distract from what I got out of the book. Definitely worth a listen.

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  • morton
  • 20 01 2011

This Will Change Your Life!

A great audiobook for learning how to avoid anxiety and stress....and move your thoughts and your life in a positive, purposeful direction.

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  • Nancy
  • 07 08 2012


If you could sum up If God Were Your Therapist in three words, what would they be?

gives you insight

What insight do you think you’ll apply from If God Were Your Therapist?

Great book over all. Get you to think about what drives your decisions and emotions. Loved it and highly recommend it!

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  • Mettaphorica
  • 12 03 2013

Not Feel-Good, but Food for Thought

I needed to listen to this 3 times over, and rewound several times. The content is good food for thought - the execution can seem a little dry and clinical. Though I haven't read it, I imagine it might be easier to digest the content properly with the print version, as it does require some reflection.
Overall, though, some good thoughts and ideas. As for life-changing as some other reviewers have stated, I'm not so sure. If you are into self-help and prepared to also take a good hard look at yourself - this is not feel-good stuff- then you'll like this.

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  • Amazon Customer
  • 29 07 2017


loved it....very helpful ....I listen over and over while taking notes...very insightful ....was an eye opener for me..

  • Totali
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  • Dina M. Scungio
  • 22 08 2016

Excellent Book!!!

I Learned a lot from this book!! I would recommend it to Everyone!! Read or Listen to it!!

  • Totali
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  • Steve
  • 22 05 2016

a lot of great advice

I have listened to it many times and I still get something out of it.

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  • Patricia Lueders
  • 14 02 2015


All I can is that with all my experience as a psychotherapist and in my own life the ideas in this book seem to be enveloping in brevity and more importantly remarkably dead on.

  • Totali
  • Lajuan
  • 17 01 2011

What was I thinking???

No.1...I don't think this person knows what God would say. This is nothing more than bunk. Don't be fooled by this title. You can title a book anything.

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  • Lisa
  • 06 01 2016

Very good.

Very good Christian therapy. Straight forward and no nonsense. Worth listening to if you are in need. Quite informative, and puts everything into perspective. All supported by academic work. Recommend it to people with a Christian background in need of support.

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  • Avraham
  • 17 11 2017

Sound advice for a successful and happy life

I thoroughly enjoyed this theocentric book. He masterfully applies principles of physics to our lives and shows how we are responsible for making our lives a success.

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  • Utente anonimo
  • 13 05 2017

Food for thought.

This book explains things I can actuality picture with my imagination so well. Well done.