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Sintesi dell'editore

Forgiveness and letting go are the greatest healers. After drifting into a relaxed and focused state, "journey" to a place where past hurts inflicted by others or by yourself can be released and resolved.

This recording also utilises ancient techniques of rhythm with a rapid drum beat to assist the journey. Although this may sound strange at first it will soon become apparent that the drum beat can be used to help focus, concentrate and stay with the intention of this journey. During vocal sections a slow drum beat sometimes accompanied by guitar, natural sounds and rattles are also used to deepen and enhance the experience.

This recording along with Relax and Recharge was presented to HRH The Prince of Wales when he visited The South East Cancer Help Centre.

In addition to this recording being written and delivered by Darren Marks one of the UKs leading hypnotherapists and NLP practitioners, it also utilizes brainwave entrainment. Brainwave entrainment refers to the brain's electrical response to rhythmic stimulation. When the brain is stimulated through one of our physical senses it emits electrical charges which are converted by the brain into what we see, hear and feel.

When the brain is exposed to rhythm, the rhythm is recreated in the brain in the form of these electrical impulses. If the rhythm is the right speed it can begin to mimic natural brainwave patterns. When this occurs, the brain reacts by synchronizing to the same rhythm. This phenomenon is called the Frequency Following Response (or FFR). FFR is used here to assist people to rapidly access deep meditative states which could take years to master without assistance.

©2008 Darren Marks; (P)2008 Hypnotherapists Direct Ltd

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  • Rachelle
  • 16 12 2011

So sorry I cannot do this with the drums

What could have made this a 4 or 5-star listening experience for you?

The story could have been good if it wasn't for those drums, the narrator tells us to sit in front of the person that has hurt us and tell him what he has done, ok this should be good, but what the heck, the drums starts, so loud that you cannot concentrate on what you want to say or even feel.

I wish I could have my money back. I love meditation but this one is by far the worst I have ever heard. Drums so loud like this, come on, is this a joke or what. I would not recommend this meditation to my worse enemy.

Sorry, but yack.

Would you ever listen to anything by Darren Marks again?

I would maybe try but not with the drums.

Would you be willing to try another one of Darren Marks’s performances?

If it is free I would maybe, but would not pay a penny for it. It would have to be magical because this one was not worth.

If you could play editor, what scene or scenes would you have cut from Forgiveness?

The DRUMS, I dont understand, even if it has to do with brainwave and all, no, no, I am sure I am not the only one feeling this. You cannot go on, impossible, the drums are to overpowering.

Any additional comments?

Sorry to be nasty, but he must have paid the editor for having this meditation made into a cd. I am no pro, but I know I could do better. So sorry for the criticsm, but it makes me mad that they let garbage like this on the market.

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  • J. Stanley
  • 10 09 2011

Simply horrid

Worst hypnotic recording I've ever tried (of roughly 20 tapes used over a period of 35 years). The constant percussive drumming is too loud and distracting. Instead of being something to "focus" on, it was a distraction that kept me from entering a hypnotic state. (About the only thing it "induced" was irritation, a headache, and higher blood-pressure.) Hope the author doesn't use this technique on other tapes... He has a good voice and this could maybe be a fine tape WITHOUT the drumming.

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  • sammy j walker jr
  • 12 02 2011


my 1st time using this i found myself crying at the part where the other person had their turn to tell there story. come to find out we are all human i think after a few more times of listen to this i will be able to move on. thank you

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  • BarbdillonD
  • 20 07 2009


This is the third download I have tried from Darren Marks. It is simply wonderful. I am now able to unburden myself and let the hurt and anger go. I am so relieved that the awful feelings have now turned into memories that I can just let go and not get upset over. Darren's Work is professional, direct and takes effect quickly. I am enirely impressed with his great healing ability that he shares with these downloads.

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  • Janice Teddy
  • 01 12 2015


What did you like about the performance? What did you dislike?

This recording made me more anxious as it made me re-live the experiences with the person and imagine the person who hurt me most. As this may be a helpful method overall, it caused more anxiety than help me learn to forgive myself or the other person.

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  • Sus
  • 02 08 2015

Not helpful

What was pounding in the background? Stressful and I could
not focus on the material.

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  • Nicolette
  • 26 01 2012

New age rubbish

What would have made Forgiveness better?

Not recording it.

Would you ever listen to anything by Darren Marks again?

Yes I might, this audible is not my cup of tea

What didn’t you like about Darren Marks’s performance?

Nothing, did not like the tempo of his voice

You didn’t love this book... but did it have any redeeming qualities?

Not for me, I believe in Forgiveness Himself and this book is about the self healing itself, for me forgiveness goes much deeper

Any additional comments?

Wish I was not forced to give a star

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  • Janice
  • 25 05 2010

Very relaxing

It is so relaxing that I failed to finish listening to this short audible book repeatedly! Without fail, every single time I fell asleep before the end of it! Not sure whether the forgiveness bit worked though - or maybe I'll just have to try again & stay awake!

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