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This 2,000-year-old self-help guide is considered one of the most important and enduring works in all the world's literature on the basic psychology of male and female sexual behavior. With poetic wit and sophistication, Ovid shares his opinions and strategies for "seducing a woman" and for "holding a man." This modern, prose translation provides easy access to the social life of ancient Rome and makes accessible the examples from mythology that Ovid uses to illustrate practical time-tested seduction techniques.
©1967 Laurida Books Publishing Co. (P)1998 by The Audio Partners Publishing Corp.

"Ovid influenced everyone!" (Los Angeles Times)

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  • Gare
  • 13 04 2008

Have we really changed so little?

An insightful lovers manual, which is probably responsible for many generations alive today. Mildly shocking in the Christian epoch, but reflects a moral cycle which makes this book colorful and entertaining today.

Gare Henderson

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  • Steven Lamm
  • 16 01 2017

Human nature

Timeless man has not changed in 2000 years
Of note neither have women
Though I am not as sure
Read with amusement but not concretely
Steven lamm md
Director of men's health center nyu

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  • Prometheus Worley
  • 27 11 2016

A timeless treatise on l'art de l'amour.....

A timeless classic who's relevance resonates throughout the ages. Ovid as "praceptor amoris" (teacher of love) brilliantly weaves a funny engaging instructive narrative on the art of obtaining ones desires through seduction. Filled with a plethora of titillating advice and techniques, Ovid leaves no stone unturned providing nuggets of amorous wisdom for both men and women alike.

He addresses:
1) How to find, seduce, and keep a lover.
2) Ways to get women/men to take notice.
3) Systematically applying various styles & strategies for different lovers.
4) Thinking like a skilled hunter and structuring your seductive plan in a timely manner.
5) Winning over your potential lover's friends, family, inner circle, etc.
6) Proper hygiene & grooming for both sexes.
7) Proper gift giving etiquette to persuade a lover.
8) How to address "affairs" when caught.
9) How to handle romantic competitors and rivals.
10) How to effectively complement lovers.
11) Advice on beauty, jewelry, flirting, etc.
12) Stoking the fires of erotic passion within your potential lover.
13) How to create a sense of mystery, danger, and excitement to win over a lover.
14) How to keep your lovers longing for you.

Without a doubt one will instantly recognize Ovid's vast real world experience within the areas of love and romance. One may even venture to propose that perhaps, famous great world lover's/seducer's like Casanova,Countess Castiglione, Cleopatra, Lord Byron, Theresa Lachmann, Percy B. Shelley, Blanche D’Antigny, Count d'Orsay, Sophia Baddeley, Elizabeth Armistad, Lorenzo da Ponte, Harriet Wilson, Ninon de Lenclos, Gabrielle d'Annuzio, Mata Hari, Veronica Franco, Porforio Rubirosa, Marie Duplessis, Errol Flynn, Cora Pearl, Wilt Chamberlain, Jack Nicholson, Warren Beatty, Hugh Hefner, Frank Sinatra, Julio Iglesias, Marquise La Paiva, just to name a few, may have read and studied /mastered this very text!!!

Either way Ovid's masterpiece speaks for itself. As an old college professor once said to me, "The proof is in the pudding....don't take my word for it, try it out for yourself." As for me, I will gladly oblige and say as Ovid requests at the end of his book,...."Thank you.....for this day I am pleased to say Ovid was my teacher".

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  • Eric
  • 12 10 2010


This was a fun look at the fact that the more things change the more they stay the same. A fun look at the private lives of people 2000+ years ago.