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Your Ministry Matters

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Why am I here? What am I called to do? Do I even have a call or purpose? Do my actions or ministries in my local church have any real impact on eternity? Throughout history, believers have struggled over these questions and more. Thankfully, there are answers available to all who seek the truth. Join author, pastor, and missionary Ted Brancheau Jr. in Your Ministry Matters. Imagine knowing with surety what you're called to do and where you're called to do it. Experience the simplicity and fullness of what God himself has equipped you to do! Many are convinced that their work is not important. But to God, everyone is equally significant, and he has a purpose and plan for every piece in his puzzle. Perhaps you hold the key to harvest and revival in your pocket. Your Ministry Matters! explains how you can find out.

When we hear the word ministry, it typically brings to mind the pastor, teacher, or evangelist. That's real ministry, right? Not so fast! God himself supernaturally calls every person in the body of Christ to ministry. Whether you are an eye in the body or the smallest toe, God has plans, power, and glory ready to enable you to do his will. No matter what you do in the local church, from handling the parking lot to preaching from the pulpit, you have a ministry that matters.

©2010 Ted Brancheau Jr. (P)2010 Tate

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