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Throughout the rise and fall of the great nations in history, from the dawn of creation up to this present moment, God has thought of today and planned specifically for you.

In Prophetic Grace, Dr. Jonathan Doctor leads listeners through an in-depth understanding of God's covenantal relationship with humanity. From the promises given to Abraham, to the immutable display of devotion on the cross, Jonathan takes you on a tour of the great blessings and assurances that God has given to believers in his Word.

With an emphasis on the Word of God, Jonathan Doctor tells the story of Prophetic Grace. Listeners will learn about:

  • God's covenants and the details that make them so special
  • The blessings that every believer has under the covenants
  • The promise of the Holy Spirit to enable successful ministry, to manifest gifts for the edification of the church, and to give abundance of life
  • The spiritual weapons necessary to fight the powers of darkness
  • Today is the day that the prophets spoke about and longed to see. God has set in motion a plan and a purpose for your life and is calling you to join in his covenant. Will you find that plan, gift, and calling so that you can fulfill your part in God's plans?

    ©2009 Dr. Jonathan Doctor; (P)2009 Tate

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