Peace on Earth and the Millennium of King Jesus  Audiolibri

Peace on Earth and the Millennium of King Jesus

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Join father-son team G. L. and Glenn Cook in their exploration of the Bible to understand God's ultimate plan for everlasting peace, joy, and happiness on the earth. Peace on Earth and the Millennium of King Jesus is the authors' authoritative compendium of eschatological texts, especially relating to the futuristic years when Jesus Christ will return to the earth at the Battle of Armageddon - and afterward, bring everlasting peace to all nations on the earth. It is good news! Biblical evidence and details are presented to demonstrate how King Jesus will literally establish his 1,000-year, theocratic, world-dominating government.

As John G. Hall, one of the writers' favorite professors of biblical eschatology, once stated, "If you don't believe King Jesus and his saints will be riding white horses when he returns to the earth, then you can just walk and I will ride."

©2009 Tate Publishing; ©2009 G. L. Cook

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