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In this concise presentation of evangelical theology - the theology that first received expression in the New Testament writings and was later rediscovered by the Reformation - Barth discusses the place of theology, theological existence, the threat to theology, and theological work.
©1992 Karl Barth (P)2008

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  • Tom
  • 21 03 2011

The audio version is very helpful

Inspired to find out more about Karl Barth after hearing clergy referring to him from time to time and his close association with Dietrich Bonhoeffer I was anxious for the opportunity to listen to this book. For the lay person that is trying to get a better understand of Christian theology Karl Barth is a cornerstone of modern theological thought. For me being able to listen and then re-read the book was essential to my being able to stay with the book and reaching a comprehension of the material.

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  • Brent
  • 18 06 2010


The author was clear and the narrator was great for the text. I had attempted Barth before and gave up. But this work was understandable and compelling. I liked it so much I also bought a copy for my Kindle which I am underlining ant noting.

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  • Raymond
  • 19 05 2012

An interesting short book with challenging ideas.

This is a series of Karl Barth's lectures on Evangelical Theology for students, and interested laymen, aspiring to learn more about theology. He candidly discusses the potential problems, and pitfalls, that the sincere "little theologian" is likely to face on the journey. He encourages and inspires the listener along the way, and presents some challenging ideas to think about - even after the lectures are over. The narrator is excellent, making the whole presentation an entertaining adventure. Overall - an excellent audiobook for anyone interested in talking about God.

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  • James P. White
  • 28 08 2016

Excellent book

best example of Barth's theology, must read for all Christians, and for all thinkers everywhere

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  • DavidGray13
  • 28 03 2016


Barth stretches me every time I encounter him. This book is no different. An open heart can bring revelation as you listen to this book.

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  • Thomas M-ski
  • 07 11 2009

Not milk for young believers

The 17 lectures contained in this audiobook will probably be too much to digest for anyone who is not a serious theological student. The ideas and arguments expressed in this book are of a intellectual nature and may strike some as being a bit dry due to the the technical terminology. Those who have an understanding of methods and reasoning techniques used in debating will have more of an appreciation of Barth's approach. Overall, this is a worthwhile read (or listen) for those who have already spent some time studying theology and are ready to hear the arguments of one of the more prominent christian theologians of the 20th century. I did not find anything particularly offensive in Barth's expression of ideas.

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  • Douglas
  • 22 01 2015

One Of The Great Theistic Thinkers...

It is too bad that Christian thought has, for the most part, descended to the likes of Joel Osteen and the other "positive attitude" self-helpers that turn out followers who not only have trouble reciting the most rudiimentary Biblical stories but also have grave difffitulty formulating more than the most abcendarian argument for why they supposedly hold the beliefs they do. Bonhoeffer, Barth and Tillach are three of the great modern theologians, and their work is more important than ever, for its depth and breadth of understanding of the Christian faith and the navigation of its deeper waters and swifter currents. Indeed, the new atheism of Dawkins, Dennett, Harris and Hitchens would have more difficulty taking out religious people one by one if there were more who had actually read their scriptures, supplimented by brilliant texts as this one by Barth. A must have for the real theological thinker.

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  • Marcelo
  • 03 10 2015

Not so sure about this

I tried to follow along his line of reasoning. But most times I felt confused with his points and direction. It seemed to me he was just talking about theology in such abstract and philosophical terms and much of it was very theoretical.

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  • Chi-Hung
  • 31 05 2009

A well written lecture...

While I agree neither with the content of the book nor his view, (some of the views he expressed are downright offensive.) Calling theological doubters fools won't bring back theology's lost relevency to desciplines like philosophy of religio. the lecture is nontheless very well versed, and the offensive opinion of the author was elegantly expressed, so I think his effort is admirable.

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