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Sintesi dell'editore

Stripping away the known and seeing reality for what it is, rather than for what our thoughts represent it to be, provides the theme for this compelling conversation.

The late theoretical physicist David Bohm addresses the nature of thought and thinking, and how our conditioned minds become subordinate to the way we think. He says the thinking process "is a representation of what is, but is not what is," and goes on to challenge our perception of time and space as illusory.

From mindless thought to experiencing each moment as eternity, Bohm takes us on a whirlwind tour of consciousness.

©1990 New Dimensions Foundation; (P)2008 New Dimensions Foundation

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  • dr laura a
  • 12 12 2008

a pioneer in quantum & mind

David Bohm was a student working with Einstein and many of the physics luminaries at the time quantum mechanics were new. in his phd dissertation he was first to open the doors addressing "what does it mean to have an 'observer-influenced universe' ". this means he said if we affect the universe, if my thoughts affect reality, then what?
in geek speak - he was offering an opposing view to the popular "copenhagen interpretation" back when that was still new.
much of bohm's career was spent addressing our psychological realities and he even became close with krishnamurthi.
the man is an astounding intellect. i like to listen to him as he is trying to bring concepts beyond most of us down to simple terms. it's worth
re-listening as the ideas of the quantum reality - chopra/braden - many others propounding - come from bohm, who thought and lived it for over 50 yrs.

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  • Michael
  • 16 05 2012

More Spiritual then Physics

This is basically a radio style interview with David Bohm. The program is produced by the New Dimensions Foundation, a ???new wave??? organization. Thus the interview is a blend of a little science and a lot of the relationship between the science and new wave ideas. Quantum physics in general, and De Broglie???Bohm theory in particular, involve a somewhat mysterious non-locality and observer effects. The mysteriousness of these affects leads some to link them to the mysteries of spirituality and transcendentalism. This program was less science focused than I had hoped, nevertheless Bohm is always interesting. My personal feeling is the Bohm???s theory is both contrived and completely incorrect, yet it is the theory most likely to lead a revolutionary change in fundamental physics.

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  • Tricia Larese
  • 11 10 2015

A very worthwhile 99 cent listen! brilliant!

I've thoroughly enjoyed every David Bohm interview on New Dimensions. He may be one of the most brilliant and open minded thinkers of the 20th century.

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  • Kevin McKiernan
  • 30 05 2015

Spot On Insights.

True brilliance is a light unto itself, requiring no sensational hype or artificial promotion. Suchness!

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  • Product user
  • 18 10 2012

Disappointing new-age nonsense

When the interview opens up (yes this is an interview, not a book) it is made clear that this is part two of of the interview - though what happened to part one is a mystery to me. I had expected Bohm to be discussing the implications of quantum physics for reality, however, it seems that this is in the first part of the interview. This interview is much more associated with Bohm's bhuddist leanings than fundamental physics - all rather new-age nonsense. It's not helped when Bohm finishes almost every sentence with the word "right?" - a complete waste of money...

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