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Deregulating God

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Is God gone? Dr. Carlene Bawden contends that we have brazenly privatized God, abandoned his laws, reduced him to a mere commodity, then seized from his offerings only what served our ruthless greed. Without God's Laws the world stands in disarray, ripe with hate, fear, rampant crime, economic and social injustices, while religious wars rage across the globe. Deregulating God focuses on the spiritual solution to restoring humanity, beginning by removing illusions and lies that live on in our nations. Dr. Bawden guides readers across social, political, and psychological terrain to discover the means of restoring God, soul, and humanity.

Four Laws of Love mandate that our acts be deliberate, mission oriented, empty of all expectation, given with pure intention, and derived from our surrendered self.Plowing beneath trendy chatter into quantum or esoteric reality, see how consciousness and energy fields prove our seamless physical and soul connection. As readers riffle the pages, words flow from phenomenology to poetry to prayer. Deregulating God is an exceptional and original venture into spirituality.

©2010 Dr. Carlene Bawden (P)2010 Tate

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