Millennials Are Actually Workaholics, According to Research

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Millennials don’t have a reputation as a hard-working generation. The caricature of the Millennial worker is more or less a cartoon of an entitled recipient of hundreds of plastic participation trophies who cares less about paying his dues at work and more about perks like flex-time, beer carts, and nap rooms. Or perhaps I should say that “we” have that reputation, since I’m technically a Millennial - most demographers put the start-date for this generation at 1981.

"Millennials Are Actually Workaholics, According to Research" is from, published on August 17, 2016.

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  • Cynthia
  • 29/06/2019

Painfully true

I’m a millennial. I do obsess about work, job stability is never guaranteed.

I’ve worked low paying salary jobs, not taking sick or vacation days and working up to 70 hours a week. I’ve been told I wouldn’t get PTO or paid vacation (even when I was salary), but I had hoped for job stability, a raise, a bonus, anything that would show my value as an employee.

The harder I worked, the less I was valued. I put in 6 weeks notice, they promised me anything if I stayed. I didn’t stay. The people I worked for were liars, but every job always carries the same fears. Job stability, a raise, a bonus, anything showing my value to my employer.